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EU current problems

No description

Stephan P

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of EU current problems

EU CURRENT PROBLEMS Greece Financial Crisis Accession of
Turkey to the EU Common Air Control The membership bid has become
a major controversy in the EU Application in 1987

In 2005 the negotiations has begun

Today's forecast says, not before 2021
Advocates & Opponents +growing market
+solid economy
+military force
+cultural & historic valuable - Islamicisation
- geographically not in Europe
- Women Rights not enough secured Corruption is an essential issue

They faked budget figures with the help of the US banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

An expensive bureaucracy In November 2009 - national deficit of 12,7%

Amount of debt 2010 - 121% of GDP
How could that happen? The EU itself is not allowed to lend money there for the countries are assisting Greece directly

This caused a worsening of the relationships between Greece and the other EU-members.

Trigger - volcanic eruption in Island.

The Air control was completely overloaded Monitoring is a national duty

Security is EU By 2012 the current national air control systems will have reached their limits

the countries do not want to give up their right of national air control
Thank you for your attention!
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