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Athens and Democracy

No description

Kevin Donohue

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Athens and Democracy

Early Athens The Age of Tyrants Athenian Democracy Athens and Democracy Rule by the people? - Begins as a monarchy - or rule by a king
- Transitions to an oligarchy - rule by a few
- Aristocrats (rich landowners) run economy,
army, and courts
- 600 BC - rebellion leads to Draco's harsh laws
- 590 BC - Solon makes all free men citizens
in an effort to reform to Athens - 546 BC - Peisistratus overthrows the oligarchy
- Tyrants bring peace and prosperity, unify city
- Outside invasion ends tyrants
- 500 BC - Cleisthenes leads the people to setting
up a democracy - rule by the people - All free, male citizens can vote
- Assemblies create laws through debate and voting
- Assemblies met on a hill (Pnyx) to fit everyone
- 6,000 citizens had to vote (non-voters paid a fine)
- A council selected what would be debated/voted on
- Juries - decide on cases in court
- Pericles (460-429) pays people to be in office or
on juries
- Macedonia conquers Athens in 330s BC
- 320s BC - democracy ended
- Write 2 paragraphs comparing Athenian and American democracy
- One on similarities, one on differences
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