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Imagine Dragons

Music Presentation

Doctor Who

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Imagine Dragons

Ashly, Rima, Sahiba, Zainab Band Members Formation and Early Work Albums and Music About the Band Music Video There are four members in Imagine Dragons;
Ben McKee
Dan Reynolds
Wayne Sermon
Daniel Platzman

There are past members too, which are;
Andrew Tolman
Brittany Tolman The band started when the lead singer Dan Reynolds a native from Las Vegas met the guitarist Wayne Sermon in Utah in 2008. Dan was still attending a school there but Wayne had already graduated from Berklee School of music. The band was established in Las Vegas with Dan Wayne Ben McKee, Andrew Tolman and Brittany Tolman. All of the members lived together in Las Vegas; in fact their first three Eps were recorded and released there. The band released two Eps called imagine Dragons EP and Hell and silence EP. They also recorded at battle born studios in 2010. They returned to the same studio in 2011 to record it’s time another EP right before they signed a record deal. Imagine Dragons were signed to Interscope Records in November 2011. They worked with Alex Da Kid and they recorded their first label at Westlake Recording Studios, California.

They originated in Las Vegas, Nevada

Their labels are Interscope Records. and KIDinaKORNER, which belongs to Alex Da Kid. This is one of their music videos.
It is for their song "It's Time": Imagine dragons, a relatively new rock band, formed in 2007 Las Vegas Nevada, had recently won an award for best rock video, by MTV Music awards. They started from the bottom and they definitely did no look back.

In the short amount of time that the band has been here for they have definitely made their impact.. For example their album "Night vision won for:
-Top Rock Album
-Top Modern Rock/Alternative Albums
-Top Digital Albums
-The Billboard 200 Ben McKee Ben has the ability to eat very spicy foods, it's almost unnatural!

Ben left the Berklee School of Music

.Ben is in rehab to overcome an addiction to “Bass Face”.

Ben joined the band in '2008 when Dan Reynolds and Wayne Sermon were looking for a new member.

Ben is the bass guitarist for the group and does the backing vocals too. Dan Reynolds Dan is the lead singer of Imagine Dragons.

He has eight brothers, and was born on July 14, 1987 in Las Vegas, where the band was formed.
He is a busy songwriter who writes hundreds of songs all the time

Dan regularly spends 4–6 hours a day practicing.

Dan has a hip-hop alter ego which is called The Human Beatbox.

Aside from being the lead singer, he can also play keys (piano) too.

He also joined in 2008, a year after the band was created. Wayne Sermon Sernon is the lead guitarist for Imagine Dragons.

He joined the band in 2009

Sermon is the only lead guitarist Imagine Dragons ever had.

He met Dan in Utah in 2008.

After meeting Dan, he joined the band with Ben, Andrew and Brittany. Daniel Platzman Daniel is the drummer of Imagine Dragons.

Daniel is also backing vocals for the band, as well as the viola player.

He is the newest member of Imagine Dragons, and joined 2011, after Andrew Tolman left.

He has a credit on 3 films, and has a Bachelor's degree in film scoring. Brittany Tolman Brittany joined the band in 2009.

She left the band in 2011 with Andrew Tolman.

She played the piano while her time in the band,

She also sang backup vocals aside from playing the piano. Andrew Tolman Andrew joined the band in 2008.

He left the band in 2011 with Brittany Tolman.

He played the drums while his time in the band,

He also sang backup vocals aside from playing the drums. Nominations, Awards and Concerts Genre Years Active It was released as a single and peaked at 15th place in the Billboard Hot 100. The music video debuted on April 17, 2012 on MTV, and they were named Artist of the Week. Imagine Dragons is an indie rock, indie pop, and alternative rock band.
That basically means that their music is based on that genre, or that kind of music. Indie Rock and Indie Pop Indie Rock A genre of alternative rock that started in the United Kingdom and the United States in the 1980s. It is very diverse, with sub-genres that include indie pop, jangle pop, C86, and many others. Indie Pop A genre of alternative rock music that started in the United Kingdom in the mid-1980s, and roots in Scottish post-punk bands on the Postcard Records label in the early '80s . Indie pop is different from indie rock because it is more melodic, less abrasive, and angst-free. Alternative Rock Alternative rock is a genre of rock music that started from the independent music underground of the 1980s and was very popular by the 1990s.

Alternative rock is a very broad term consisting of music that is different in terms of its sound, its social context, and its roots. By the end of the 1980s , it defined a number of special styles like gothic rock, jangle pop, noise pop, C86, Madchester, industrial rock, and shoegazing.

The most common instruments in alternative rock are vocals, electric guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard.
" Imagine dragons a considerably newly formed band. still adjusting to the music industry have surely made their mark in the Indie Rock/Indie Pop as well as the Alternative Rock genre. They started in 2007 and to this day are going strong. Minor difficulties along the way, but every band has a few ups and downs! They changed a couple band members won a few awards, Released record breaking albums and have songs that are off the charts! Probably part of every band career! Billboard Singles These are a list of Imagine Dragons billboard singles and the chart on each song and when each song made it to that chart. 2013 Bleeding Out Rock Songs
2013 Demons Hot Modern Rock Tracks
2013 Demons Rock Songs
2013 Demons The Billboard Hot 100
2013 It's Time Adult Contemporary
2013 It's Time Canadian Hot 100
2013 It's Time Hot 100 Airplay
2013 It's Time Hot Digital Songs
2013 It's Time Hot Modern Rock Tracks
2013 It's Time Mainstream Top 40
2013 It's Time Rock Songs
2013 It's Time The Billboard Hot 100
2013 On Top Of The World Rock Songs
2013 Radioactive Canadian Hot 100
2013 Radioactive Germany Songs
2013 Radioactive Hot 100 Airplay
2013 Radioactive Hot Digital Songs
2013 Radioactive Hot Modern Rock Tracks
2013 Radioactive Hot RingMasters 2013 Tiptoe Rock Songs
2013 Radioactive Mainstream Top 40
2013 Radioactive Rock Songs
2012 Demons Rock Songs
2012 It's Time Canadian Hot 100
2012 It's Time Heatseekers Songs
2012 It's Time Heatseekers Songs
2012 It's Time Hot 100 Airplay
2012 It's Time Hot Digital Songs
2012 It's Time Hot Modern Rock Tracks
2012 It's Time Mainstream Top 40
2012 It's Time Rock Songs
2012 It's Time The Billboard Hot 100
2012 On Top Of The World Rock Songs
2012 Radioactive Canadian Hot 100
2012 Radioactive Heatseekers Songs
2012 Radioactive Hot Digital Songs
2012 Radioactive Hot Modern Rock Tracks
2012 Radioactive Rock Songs
2012 Radioactive The Billboard Hot Imagine Dragons (2009) I Need a Minute
Cover Up
Drive Hell and Silence (2010) All Eyes
I Don't Mind
Emma It's Time (2011) It's Time
Leave Me
Look How Far We've come Continued Silence (2012) Radioactive
On Top of the World
Round and Round Hear Me (2012) Hear Me
The River The Archive (2012) My Fault
America Non-released songs Tiptoe
Bleeding Out
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