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Why you should learn French

No description

Caylee Brockman

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Why you should learn French

Why you should learn French! By: Caylee Brockman Our fellow neighbors (Canadians) speak French! So if you were ever to visit there, it would be good to know French. Reason 1 Ps... By fellow neighbors I mean top traders. + = LOVE If you learn French, your job application would look much more appealing to the people who are thinking about hiring you. Reason 2 Instead of thinking all French people have mustaches and wear berets and say 'WEE WEE' all the time, why don't you learn about their culture? Well, if you know French, you will understand their culture more. Reason 3 HA! I NOW KNOW THAT NOT ALL FRENCH PEOPLE HAVE MUSTACHES AND WEAR BERETS! French is the second most used language on the internet. If you learn French, you can FINALLY understand those weird looking words you always see on the web! Reason 5 Reason 6 If you were to ever go to France, sure most of them speak english, but it would be much more polite if you spoke French to them. Plus, they'd be extremely impressed with you. Tests have shown that students who studied a foreign language got a higher grade in math, language arts, and reading. How, I don't know. Reason 7 French is a great language to learn to also learn similar romance languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian) Reason 8 If you learn French, you have so many more job opportunities then the average person who doesn't know French. Plus you're American, which gives YOU the upper hand, because French companies are more willing to hire American French speakers. Reason 9 If you want to get into some colleges, you have to have taken at least 2 years of a foreign language. Reason 10
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