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The First Protestant President and the Centennial President

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Ehmcie Perez

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of The First Protestant President and the Centennial President

The First Protestant President and the Centennial President
Inauguration of the First Protestant President
A Great Christian Revival in the Philippines
Achievements of the Ramos Administration
End of the Aquino Era

May 11, 1992
Philippines held its first general elections under the 1986 Constitution.
•The election came at a turning point in our history.
•From May 1 until the proclamation of the winners, the
Comelec Chairman, Christian Monsod
, practically became the most powerful man in the country, even more powerful than the president.
•First time in two decades, there was no nationwide fraud during the elections.
•The results of the elections were very dramatic and suprising.
•Front runner was
Mrs. Miriam Defensor-Santiago
, a feisty lady lawyer.
•But the real winner turned out to be the handpicked choice of President Aquino – her “People Power Revolution” hero and former Defense Secretary,
Fidel V. Ramos.

June 22, 1992
, Philippine Congress proclaimed Ramos as the winning candidate
•For Vice-President,
Joseph Estrada
, a former senator and actor.

June 30, 1992
, at the historic Freedom Grandstand in Luneta, Manila
Fidel Valdez Ramos
, 64 years old, was inaugurated as the twelfth president of the Philippines.
was also sworn in as the New Vice-President.
•President Ramos thus became the First Protestant to become the president of this mostly Catholic country.
•Raising a call for unity, courage and industry, President Ramos was applauded 25 times throughout his 30-minute address.
•Lord has raised a leader for this country who has a strong Biblical background.
•A strong Christian revival has swept throughout the length and breadth of this archipelago, especially after the natural calamity and power brownouts in 1991-1993.
•By 1993, some ten million people had accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and made a commitment of their lives to follow God’s Word and proclaim the Gospel.
The Centennial President

May 1998
, democratic elections again, another free and peaceful elections for national and local elections.
•Vice President
for President and Senator
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
, daughter of the former president
Diosdado Macapagal-Arroyo
, won by a huge majority for the position of vice-president.

June 30, 1998
Joseph Ejercito Estrada
, 61 years old, was inaugurated as the 13th president of the republic of the Philippines.
Mrs Macapagal-Arroyo
also took the oath as the first lady vice-president of the Philippines.

was better known as “
”, or “
close friend
” to the masses, whom he cultivated for his support.

“Erap para sa mahirap”

June 30th 1998
, President Estrada promised to alleviate the conditions of poverty in “
hoodlums in uniform, barong and gown

•President Fidel V. Ramos ended his term just as the Philippines celebrated the Centennial of the Philippine Independence in June 1998.

•Philippines had become one of the
“new tiger economics”
of Asia.

The Estrada Program of Government

•Main concern to improve the life of the poorest Filipinos.

•Program of government was ambitious and included many plans to reduce poverty.

•Estrada was
“idol of the masses”

Presented By:
Muthya Castillo

Divine destiny of the Filipinos
– to go to other nations and tell them the good news that God loves us and gave us Jesus Christ His Son.

The Philippines is the bridge between the Christian West and the non-Christian nations of the west.

Philippines is the
“light of Asia”
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