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Hayley Wickenheiser!

No description

payton stark

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Hayley Wickenheiser!

Getting pumped for her big game.
Hayleys Pet Name is: "Wick"
Her favorite food is eggs.
Her favorite drink is cranberry with soda.
Her favorite colour is blue.
Her favorite word is “epic”
She plays the piano.
Fun facts about Hayley...
Hayley showing off her medal to her farm friend!
hayley started to play hockey when she was 3, her dad made ice rink so she could practice in her backyard ice rink. When she was 11 she played with the boys because there was not a girls team and she got 11 assists and 2 goals. In 1991 that is when she joined the womens hockey league.
When did Hayley start playing hockey?

Family members
First skates
Hayley Wickenheiser!
Hayley Wickenheiser watched her first hockey game when she was 2 years old. when she was 3 she got her first pair of skates and her dad built a skating rink in her backyard,she invited all of her friends from the neighborhood to come skate with her in her backyard. When Hayley had spare time she watched her favorite hockey heroes Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier on television, then later on she practiced their moves in her backyard.
Hayley has 1 brother and 1sister,the brothers name is Ross and a sisters name is Jane, her dads name is tom and her moms name is marilyn.

Hayley married Tomas pacina and they both adopted a boy who is now 12-year-olds. The boys name is Noah.
Hayleys' family
Hayley leads canada into fisht stadium, what a great flag barrier!
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