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RaSia Khepra

No description

Kobe Bryant

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of RaSia Khepra

-Rasia Khepra has inspired many people
-he has showed people how much it hurts to lose someone you know
- i have learned that anything can happen at anytime.
- my plan is to join an organization and focus on that.
- I like to do community service, and if it can help somebodies life and be fun, I will do it
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Work cited
Personal Life
-Rasia Khepra is a gun activist
-He wore orange to symbolize "no guns, don't shoot"
-He has spoken in many high schools about this issue
- since he has joined, less high schoolers have brought guns to schools around the world
Principal scholar
Honor roll student
Active athlete
teaches third degree chinese and calculus
He visits Ghana for giving education to kids.
RaSia Khepra
Has 5 siblings
mom is hairstylist, dad is doctor
born in Ghana
active member of "project orange tree"
age 18
Future revolutionary

-In Chicago, there are a lot of people with guns who randomly shoot people
-Rasia khepra's best friend, hadiya penddleton, died from a random gunman
-Since then, he has been an active member of "Project Orange Tree"
The way situations were before
-Before Rasia khepra came into the organiazation, there were more teens shooting randomly at high schools.
- More people were dying in chicago every day before Rasia Khepra came in with his friends
-Rasia then made high schools motivated by telling the story about Benji
-Rasia has revolutionized 5 high schools so far and spoken about this issue in many communities
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