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Students should wear school uniforms: disagreeing

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Narelle Hernandez

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Students should wear school uniforms: disagreeing

Students shouldn't wear
school uniforms

Narelle Hernandez
Mod 1
What difference does wearing a uniform make for students in public school?
Some people claim that students shouldn't wear school uniforms, they should be allowed to wear whatever they what (school appropriate) in order for them to express who they are. Also so students can have more freedom.
School uniforms can deny children and teenagers the opportunity of making their own clothing choices, which could make them ill-prepared for the adult world. Also consequences to wearing school uniforms would be spending time and effort taking care of school uniform policies, which detracts from making effective efforts to reduce crime in school and to boost student performance. Another piece of evidence as to why students shouldn't wear school uniforms is that parents have to pay more money for uniforms and for casual for their kids clothes. School uniforms may or may not be effective academically, but that doesn't mean that uniforms stop fights at school. The counterargument would disagree with this.
Even though there is a positive side to wearing school uniforms, the negative side still stands. Uniforms could be helping students be more academically proficient, uniforms do not stop the other things that happen. The proof there is that bullying still happens as well as fights between students.


Some people think that uniforms help students in a positive way. There are also negative sides in wearing a school uniform. Adults don't overlook the negative side that's there with wearing a school uniform.
Adults think that students wearing school uniforms are more academically proficient than students in regular clothes. Also because of school uniforms, students should be paying more attention in class.
Students shouldn't wear school uniforms
The evidence given shows that students shouldn't wear school uniforms because they have a negative effect. Not only do they make parents use more money, they also don't help in stopping fights and bullying. The argument is strong and so is the evidence given. The positive sides to uniforms are there, but so are the negative ones.
Narelle Hernandez
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