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Individual Behavior, Personality, and Values and Their Affec

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Maddy Andrew

on 30 March 2016

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Transcript of Individual Behavior, Personality, and Values and Their Affec

What's Important?
Three Forms of Workplace Abuse:
Individual Behavior
Work-Life Conflict
Occurs when individuals, at any level within an organization, find their roles within and outside the workplace are overwhelming or interfering with one another.

Hostile Workplace Environment: Mechanical Pipe Services
By: Taylor, Mostafa. Eric, Zhen & Roger
Workplace bullying is repeated, unreasonable or inappropriate behaviour directed towards a worker, or group of workers, that creates a risk to health and safety.
Abusive Supervision
Organization-Directed Attribution
Abusive behaviour contributes indirectly to the organization’s performance by hindering development of the organization’s social system leading to its downfall.
Thank You!
Forms of Abuse

Employee Performance

Effects of Abuse Outside Work-place

Coping with Abusive supervision


Refers to potentially negative physical or mental tensions experienced by a person.
Coping with Abusive Supervision
Individual characteristics such as personality traits and values ultimately affect behavior
Abusive Behaviours of a Manager Hinders Job Performance
State of being physically and emotionally depleted, usually resulting from excessive job demands and continuous stress
Leads to diminished interest in work
Job Burnout
Performance is hindered
Abusive supervisor
Poor Job Performance
Managers should...
Incorporate MARS and TMX into company policy
Create a mentorship program to better solidify role perception and team member exchange.
Manage emotions (especially negative) as those lead to CWB's
Introduce motivators such as bonuses for those employees demonstrating OCB's
Abusive Supervision
- Self-directed attribution
- Supervisor-directed attribution
- Organizations-directed attribution

In today's market, a organization won't survive long without great customer service and effective staffing.
Abused employees naturally offer poor service
Resulting in poor overall customer service
Hinders the whole company's job performance
Self-Directed Attribution

Supervisor-Directed Attribution
Background Information
Founded in 2004
Providing on site mechanical customer service
Leading multidisciplinary contractor in Western Canada
Major Growing Problem of Abusive Supervision
on Mechanical Pipe Services (MPS)
Physical Injury
Emotional Problems
Social Problems
Mental health Issues are Increased
Rude or unsociable speech or inappropriate behaviour

J ob
P erformance:

Assesses whether a person performs a job well, efficiently and effectively
Negatively impacts individuals' mental health
Hinder the prevention and management of mental illness
Can lead to stress &
work-family conflict
Biggest cause is abusive supervision
They also lead to significantly higher rates of anxiety, depression, and low morale
Accumulated home & job stress affects an individuals’ health too
Work-Family Conflict:

Occurs when there are incompatible demands between the work and family roles of an individual that makes participation in both roles more difficult. E.g. caused by a manager with a high-level of expectations from his or her employees.

Can workplaces be changed to reduce work-family conflict?
Essence of work-family conflict is inter-role interference
Clashing of work demands with domestic responsibilities
How can employees cope with abusive supervision?
- Passive reaction
- Gather & document all possible evidence
- Quit the company
Constitute a more distinct organizational culture
Form a well developed abusing prevention policy
Increase awareness to be more physically active
Channeling your anger into action towards self-preservation
All tie together seamlessly
Workplace Abuse Prevention Program (WAPP) & Training
Problem Recognition
Managing Conflict in Workplace
Team Building
Development of Employees
Managing Stress
On-going cost :
Problem Recognition
Four-hour cost:

Managing Conflict
Seven-hour cost:

Team Building
Seven-hour cost:

Development of Employees

Seven-hour cost:

Managing Workplace Stress
Three-hour cost:
Leadership Training
- $325.00


Reflection on Research:
All Dimensions of a work-place environment have effects on the mental and physical health of an individual.

A limited amount of abusive supervision is required.

A balance of strict authority VS efficient and effective authority must be implemented
Emotional exhaustion
Poor customer service
Workplace Deviance
Emotional Exhaustion
Customer service
Workplace Deviance
voluntary behavior that violates significant organizational norms
threatens the well being of the organization
Abuse causes employees to develop negative attitudes and behaviors
Heavily hurts job performance
Employee perceived fairness theory
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