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Social & Emotional Implications of Sex

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Claudia Cazares

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Social & Emotional Implications of Sex

Social Implications
-When teenagers are having sex before they are ready, it can increase their chances of pregnancy and STD's.
-Having sex can change your relationship with your friends. Teens tend to hang out with other teens they have things in common i.e. sexual activity
-Your relationship will change with your sexual partner. if you are a couple you will stop doing things you used to do like making out, cuddling, watching a movie from home, and talking will be replaced with sex.

Idea 3
If you can't talk about it, you shouldn't be doing it!
-Having an understanding of what sex is and the implications that can arise.
-Understanding the risks that you are going to be taking, and how to protect yourself as best you can.
-Don't allow yourself to be peer pressured. Make sure that when you make the decision it is yours only. Don't let someone make such an important choice for you because you have to live with the implications.
-Know that you don't have to have sex to have a connection with someone, if that person is making you feel that you do then they are not the person you should be with.
-Make sure that sex doesn't interfere with any of your morals or beliefs
- Consider your relationship with the person you plan on having sexual intercourse with. Do you trust them? How mature is your relationship? Are you able to discuss sex with them? Will you be embarrassed?
-Are you emotionally read? What would happen if you got pregnant? Have you both been check for STD's?
Social & Emotional Implications
of Sex
46% of teens between the ages of 14 and 19 have reported to having sex at least once. That means every 1 in 2 teens are being sexually active.
Emotional Implications
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