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Video Games Industry

No description

hayley sercombe

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Video Games Industry

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Video Games Industry Production Workflow Software/Middleware Providers
Sell software & content creation tools to developers

Games design & build, IP licensing

Financing, traditional branding, PR & marketing

Retailers, websites & social networks

Game Management
In-game ad sales, subscription providers, virtual currency, tracking & conversion What are the platforms? The industry continues to grow... Online Gaming $18bn to $27bn in 3 years Mobile Gaming Console & Handheld


Tablet, Online & Mobile Social Gaming The future of Social The future of Mobile The Future of Video Gaming Console Gaming The current marketplace Introduction Overview
Industry production workflow
Key platforms
Genres of game
Types of gamer
- Casual
- Core
State of the industry
- Console gaming
- Online gaming
- Mobile gaming
- Social gaming
The future Market Segments The industry can be divided into the following sectors:

1) Console gaming
2) Online gaming
3) Mobile gaming
4) Social gaming
5) PC gaming Massively Multi-player (MMO) Role Play Games (RPG) Strategy Games Racing Fighting Sports Platform Resource
Management Puzzle PC Gaming Overview Genres The Future of Gaming "[Digital distribution] is a change in our landscape; competing in game quality, and working on how money is obtained. I think both are things that require creativity" Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo Gamer Types

Core Gamer

Casual Gamer $85bn High marketing costs Core Gamer collection •Digital downloads
•Monthly subscriptions
•In-game advertising
•Micro-transactions for virtual goods & add-ons
•Freemium – try before you buy. (Basic model for free, pay for full content) Mobile growth in
developing countries Console to mobile Smartphones...Androids...Tablets More social networks
New demographics Emerging markets 5% Source: Gartner Nov 2012 Total Market Spend New entrants "The games industry has never been in as much upheaval as it is right now" Games TM, January 2013
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