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Change Management Procedure

set of activities and supporting work products required to manage and control the baselined project and its plans

Regine Lorezo

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Change Management Procedure

Change Management Procedure Work Breakdown Structure Purpose Scope Manage and control baselined project Control changes that will affect the contract's terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions Plans or Agreements Project requirements Raise Change request Perform Initial Assessment, Reject or Accept for Analysis Manage Contract Changes Determine impact and potential solutions Obtain formal agreement and schedule change agreement Implement change Close Change Notify the appropriate Project Manager
of the need for a change to their project. Recognize the need for a change to a project. Provide the Project Manager
with change details Reason

Nature Change Request Receive and review details
Create the appropriate change request
Validate the appropriate change request
Contact the Stakeholder
defer or reject the request
Determine if contract change
Accept the request for analysis Project Manager Raise a contract change request Perform initial assessment Analyze impact and potential solutions Obtain formal agreement and schedule change orders Close the contract change by updating the change order accept? reject? Change Control Board (CCB) Project Office Project Manager Stakeholder Sponsor Team Allocation Obtains formal agreement and schedule change orders Determine impact and potential solutions Implement change,
Close change Perform initial assessment,
reject or accept for analysis Manage contract changes Deliver project's business objectives to the enterprise Customers Client Project Team Agreement Work Product Usage Change Log Change Order Project Decision Structure Change Request Requirements Traceability and Verification Matrix Service Request Agreements between the sponsor
and the delivery organization Terms and Conditions
Statement of Work Any proposed change to:
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