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Three Action Points for Police Contributing Countries

Three action points for Police Contributing Countries to help increase the deployment of female police officers to United Nations peace operations.

Lea Biason

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Three Action Points for Police Contributing Countries

UN Global Effort 20% by 2014

Three Action Points for Police Contributing Countries (PCCs)

50% Long Term
1. Set a 20%Policy
Set a national policy to deploy female police officers at a minimum of 20% or the same percentage as in the national police service if it is higher than 20% .

PCCs need to address the obstacles for women in their national selection criteria, policy and processes for deployment to a peace operation.
2. Review criteria
Physical fitness
Selection criteria need to be gender sensitive such as physical fitness tests.
Minimum rank
A minimum rank may discriminate against women who are in the majority in lower ranks.
Privileged networks
Procedures for disseminating Information may be circulated informally through a select group of officers such as a privileged group or ‘old boys networks’ where women do not have access.
Providing financial or non-financial incentives can motivate officers to go for international service.
3. Motivate with incentives
Benefits and entitlements
Continued benefits and entitlements while deployed in international service, for example:
access to promotion
housing benefits
education grants
Recognition of international experience, for example:
Job security
Set up a reintegration system for job security such as access to the same post upon return.
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