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Tamir Rice Murdered

No description

Mercedes Perry

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of Tamir Rice Murdered

- Socially constructed from birth
- A system never built to protect "Others"
- You can never see "clearly"
A Permanent Lens
A System of Jurisprudence
The officers had already been provided with information that a Black male had a gun in the park, which placed them in a defensive and attacking state of mind. Police officers did not even take the time to recognize if this Black male was a child or an adult, they just instinctively killed him and asked questions later.

Personally, I feel as though Black men are always targeted because we are considered threats no matter what the situation may be. I feel like as a Black man, I have to watch my own back and cooperate even when I am doing nothing wrong, for my own safety.

Collectively, I feel that all Black men are generalized as criminal threats to society because the officer's reaction was instant, as if he knew that he was in danger and the law enforcement is not for protecting Black male human rights. We are not even getting a chance to be proven innocent before guilty, due to the fact that we are being gunned down in the streets.

"Jury of my Peers"
Saturday, November 23, 2014
Brandon Henderson
Personal Testimonies
- Who decides what is "right" or "wrong"
What Is Crime?
The murder of Tamir Rice evoked feelings of unexplainable sadness personally and collectively. This killing in particular, deepened the distrust and ultimately fear that Black people have towards police in America. Tamir Rice's murder made it clear that Black people must be responsible for protecting ourselves and cannot expect the police to do that for us.

The instantaneous actions of the officer made it clear, on a national stage, that Black lives are indispensable. Especially, due to the fact that the officers imbedded fear resulted in the death of an innocent child at the ripe age of 12.

As a Black woman, who will eventually have Black boys of my own, I could not comprehend how blatantly unacceptable the officers actions were. I have an even stronger paranoia when dealing with police and the power that they are deemed and frequently abuse. I use to believe that the utmost cooperation from Black people would result in a fair exchange, but after witnessing a 12 year old boy, shot to death in a park in a matter of seconds, I have learned that not even cooperation can save Black lives from the clenches of the ingrained epistemological flaws of our societal culture.

The Act of Killing
Tamir Rice Murdered
Mercedes Perry
12yrs June 25, 2002 – November 23, 2014
Tamir Rice

The Baby Doll Test
The "Pretty" Spectrum
A Symbiotic Relationship
The Parable of the Blind Man
- Imagination is ALWAYS the Antithesis of something
Key & Peele: White cop
The E, O, A Triangle
How crime "becomes crime"
The disparate impact of White laws on "Others"
Racialized Crimes
Concluding Statement
"An action that a perception has been applied to"
Our personal depiction of the Permanent Lens
A "jury of my peers" suggests that the 12 human beings do not have ingrained perceptions.

A "jury of my peers" suggests that those selected are able to make unbiased decisions.

A "jury of my peers" suggests that these 12 human beings are just like me, in that, we are living similar lifestyles. i.e As a Black male you grew up in the hood, and have achieved the same levels of education and like the same type of music.

A "jury of my peers" also suggests that human beings are not made up of complex intersectional identities. In reality you would never have a specific group of people who are exactly the same.

In reality, there is no such thing as a "jury of my peers". Human experiences will always dictate what is already "known". Therefore, judgements are going to always be tainted.

Terrell sat in his car in front of his home to smoke a joint.
Mr.Johnson decided to raise all of his students standardized test scores.
An Action
Negative characteristics are prescribed to human beings who partake in the use of marijuana.
Smoking marijuana results in dangerous behavior.Therefore, those who use the drug are not safe in society.
It is commonly perceived that more Black people smoke marijuana in general.
Smoking marijuana makes people "lazy" and "unaware", so they are not able to contribute to society and work hard.
Those who smoke marijuana are mentally unstable and need help coping with their lives.
Those who smoke marijuana are drug abusers.
Something must be done in order to control those who smoke marijuana.
The Perception
The Crime
Marijuana is listed as a Class 1 controlled substance,making it federally illegal.

Those who are caught with the drug are subject to felony charges resulting in very high fines and jail sentences.

Felons lose their rights to vote or obtain government aid.

Felons have a hard time finding jobs to support themselves and their families.
The Prosecution
Inaccurate biases of Black males being the most common users of marijuana have resulted in disparate impacts on that specific group.

Stop and frisk laws allow police to search and siege those they presume to be carrying drugs.

The war on drugs has resulted in predominantly Black communities being terrorized and destroyed by police departments and the DEA.

Since using marijuana is consider a crime because of the negative perceptions that apply to it, then it is okay to prosecute those who are commonly affiliated with the drug.

Black males make up the majority of the incarceration rate for the United States, this is a direct result of drug laws, specifically marijuana possession.
He was unaware of the perceptions that would be applied to him.
This will help increase his pay, and the funding for his school.
The tests are standard so there is no need to cheat.
Every student should be able to learn the proper information at the same rate because they are getting the same education.
It is not fair to the students who work hard to prepare for their exams
If a student needs help there are more than enough resources available.
Students and teachers get what they deserve based off of their performance.
Stealing test scores is unfair and results in unfair gain and misrepresentation of intelligence.
Cheating can result in a teacher losing their job, or a student being expelled or removed from a school or course. Manipulation of scores can even result in federal convictions and the loss of state and federal dollars.

Cheating gives an unfair advantage therefore, the act must be regulated.

Without regulation, people would think it is okay to take answers or manipulate scores for personal gain.

When good grades and scores warrant awards, money, or good merit, those who cheat are manipulating a system measured off of presumably earned success.
" Your blue eyes are so pretty."
"I love your long straight hair."
"You have a perfect straight nose!"
"Your natural blonde hair is beautiful."
"I think your light skin-tone is the perfect color."
"Your nose is really wide."
"Your are so dark, you look dirty."
"Brown eyes are so regular."
"Your hair is nappy, you should straighten it."
"Your butt is too big!"
A blind man would literally not be able to conceivably draw an elephant because of his inability to understand the idea of size or depth, no matter how much he attempts to utilize his remaining senses.

His size in relationship to the elephant is so drastically different that his brain could not perceive what an elephant might look like.

What would the imagination of the blind man look like if he has never visualized the reality of the society that he lives in. A blind man never misses sight; it is impossible to miss something that you have never experienced.

Imagination has to be "imaginable", you cannot imagine something outside of your own society. Influence is necessary in order to form an imagination. Therefore, there is no such thing as an "original thought."

Science fiction stories are a prime example of human beings attempting to create worlds outside of our own, however, they merely mimic our own society with make believe characters.
Black people were not considered human beings in the original United States Constitution. In fact, Black people had to be amended into the constitution. The laws of America was never written to protect Black bodies.

The entire system of Jurisprudence is executed based on interpretation of a constitution that was never written for "others".

The idea of "justice" for human beings that are considered "others" is impossible.The law was never meant to be interpreted on their behalf.

The omnipresent white foundations of the laws of this country reinforce and support the ability for crimes to be blindly racialized.
In the grand scheme of society human beings idealize white guilt, white privilege, white supremacy, and ultimately omnipresent white power as if it is something that people can choose to believe in or not, as if it is a choice of religion. In all actuality there is no choice, white power is blindly ingrained in the epistemological fabric of all Human beings. From the moment a child is born they are immediately being shaped to either conform to the nature of society or to tirelessly combat social constructions in order to maintain a sense of "being". Society is conditioned to develop a lens in order to articulate thoughts, beliefs and ultimately perceptions of others, none of those perceptions are built without influence from societal culture. Ultimately, it is imperative that human beings become intentionally and fully aware of this lens because it is permanent,infinite. Most of all this lens is destructive towards "others" within our society because it creates an environment that breeds hate and fear.
A Split Second Decision
An officer has to make quick decisions through their permanent lens.

The lens is based off of preconceived notions that impact their ability to make immediate decisions.

Whether or not the gun is real or fake is not the issue, instead WHOever is holding the "weapon" dictates what decision an officer is going to make.
The Deadly Effect
Though satirical, the video supports the existence of the epistemological idea that all Black males are dangerous.

No matter what the Black male had in his hands, the officer still feared for his life because he could only see what he knew to be true.
A Permanent Lens
In reality, Tamir Rice was a 12 year old boy.His murderer was a prime example of how there is a permanent lens attached to those who have to make deadly decisions.

Regardless of what what is being taught in a police academy, the lens that any officer is conditioned to have in our society will criminalize Black males.
White Male Criminals V. Black Male Criminals
White Gov't Officials V. Black Gov't Officials
White Protestors V. Protestors of Color
Considered mentally ill even if the crime was premeditated and perfectly executed.

Past experiences, or the quality of the criminals upbringing is never discussed and overly analyzed.

Positive images and accolades are used to portray the criminal in a humane light, no matter how heinous the crime.
Considered guilty until proven innocent.

Depicted as a criminal based upon any past mishaps or family upbringing no matter how irrelevant, even if they are the victims of crimes.

Negative images are plastered on all media outlets, constant justifications of the criminal behavior or act are made, all humanity is stripped.
These officials are never held personally responsible for the destruction they play major roles in. Instead countless excuses are made and fingers are pointed.

i.e Flint Michigan Water Crisis
These officials are usually the first to be reprimanded and even jailed for the problems that may occur under their watch. No other counterparts are never even usually questioned or to blame.

i.e the previous Mayor of Flint Michigan
No matter how blatantly violent or destructive, they are never treated or depicted as such.

i.e Oregon standoff or losing team riots
No matter how peaceful or non-threatening, they are depicted as a nuisance and all levels of police military state actions are taken and justified.

i.e Native American land protests, police brutality protestors.
Constant patrolling of urban communities is legally acceptable.
It is a shamed and shunned act according to the bible.
It is normal to be in a monogamous relationship.
Sex is a sacred act, it should not be defiled.
Prostitution and adultery place human beings in situations that could be considered unsafe.

This places the idea of ownership over another human being involved in a marriage at risk emotionally, physically and financially.

Sometimes, those involved in prostitution are not participating willingly, and are slaves.

There must be a system of regulation put in place to protect and uphold the purity of marriage and sex other than the bible.
Divorce is available for those who feel they have been betrayed, therefore ownership is legally decided.

Prostitution can result in jail sentencing, especially if it is tied to a ring of pimps and drug dealers.

Negative social implications are tied to individuals who partake in this act which can result in a loss of status.

The efforts to conflate the KKK and the Black Panther Party in an attempt to call them parallel groups supports the fact that America is epistemologically rooted in the omnipresent power of whiteness. The justification of the blatant killing and terrorizing the KKK inflicted upon Black people is contradictory to the idea that killing is a criminal act. The mere fact that the KKK still exists yet, the BPP has been dismantled proves that their actions are more than accepted by society.
Represents systemic power

Mythic representation that Whiteness is another category of person-hood

Kills in order to maintain white power.
Exist in resistance to the subjugating terror and power of the KKK.

Representation of Anti-racism and freedom.

Kills in order to protect themselves and others from the dominate group.
"Your lips are huge."
A politician named John was bored with his wife and decided to cheat on her.
He hired a prostitute, so that he could keep the relationship strictly sexual.
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