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White Dwarf Star

No description

t g

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of White Dwarf Star

White Dwarf Star White Dwarf Stars are stars that ended their
life or the final stage in a star's life cycle
of a low mass star, like the sun. A white dwarf star's weight is the same
as when it was a star, but the Dwarf star
is just smaller. When the star turns into a white Dwarf star,
it sheds it's outer layer. It takes a million
years to do that. The white dwarf star is the most common type of star,
but the smallest kind of ordinary stars. It is slightly
bigger than the Earth. It's one of the densest form of matter. The more massive the dwarf is, the smaller it is. The unusual faintness of a white dwarf star
was first recognized in 1910 by Henry Norris
Russell, Edward Charles Pickering, and Williamina
Fleming. The Dwarf star got it's name from Willen Luyten in 1922. When a star goes nova, the star in the
middle can be a dwarf star. Planetary Nebula. Planetary Nebula 200. Web. 1 Jan. <http://www.seascallop.com/Planetary%20Nebula%20200.jpg>. White Dwarf. whitedwarf_star. Web. 1 Jan. <http://www.mauthelimited.com/Assignments/Dreamweaver/Science_Class/Images/stars/whitedwarf_star.jpg>. two white Dwarf
spinning together. White Dwarf. 2005. wd_cxc_full. Web. 1 Jan. <http://www.mauthelimited.com/Assignments/Dreamweaver/Science_Class/Imahttp://www.phys.ncku.edu.tw/~astrolab/mirrors/apod_e/image/0506/wd_cxc_full.jpgges/stars/whitedwarf_star.jpg>. The White Dwarf Star White Dwarf. 2008. an-artists-concept-of-the-surface-of-the-white-dwarf-star.<http://www.mauthelimited.com/Assignments/Dreamweaver/Science_Class/Imahttp://www.phys.ncku.edu.tw/~astrolab/mirrors/apod_http://www.instablogsimages.com/images/2007/11/22/an-artists-concept-of-the-surface-of-the-white-dwarf-star-h150465-released-toreuters_9.jpge/image/0506/wd_cxc_full.jpgges/stars/whitedwarf_star.jpg>. "White Dwarf." http://www.wikipedia.org/. Web. 22 Apr. 2010. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_dwarf>. Website(s) used "White Dwarfs." Imagine The Universe!. N.p., 3 Feb. 2010. Web. 1 Jan. <http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/science/know_l2/dwarfs.html>.
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