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king Arthur

No description

klaas klaas

on 21 February 2016

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Transcript of king Arthur

Illustrated by
H.J.Ford in black and white
very nice illustrations
summary of the chapters
main characters
King Arthur
Sir Lancelot
Queen Guenevere

King Arthur
Tales frome the Round Table
1.The drawing of the sword.
2.The questing beast
3.The sword Exalibur
4.The story of Sir Balin
5.How the Round Table began
6.The passing of Merlin
7.How Morgan le fay tried to kill King Arthur
8.What beaumains asked of the King
9.The Quest of the Holy Graal
10.The fight for the Queen
11.The fair maid of Astolat
12.Lancelot and Guenevere
13.The end of it all
The story is edited by Andrew Lang
1. Arthur draws the sword out of the stone
2. Arthur saw a rare beast and he learns from Merlin that his father is Uther Pendragon and his mother the lady Igraine .
3.The lady of the lake gives Arthur the sword Excalibur
4.Barlin, one of Arthur's knights, gets a sword from a damsel and kills his brother by accident
5. The round Table is a wedding gift to Arthur when he marries Guenevere
6.Merlin is put to dead under a rock.
5.The round Table is a wedding gift whe nhe marries Guenevere

summary of the chapters

7. Morgan le Fay tried to steel Excalibur so she can kill Arthur.
8. Beaumains asked of the king 3 things
meat and drink for a year
grant me the adventure of the damsel Linet
that sir lancelot gives me a knighthood
summary of the chapters

9. The knights of the Round Table go on the quest of the Holy Graal and the land falls apart.
10. Lancelot saves the queen from being burned to death.
summary of the chapters

11. The fair maid of Astolat dies because Lancelot refuses to marry her
12. Sir Meliagraunce kidnaps the queen and Lancelot saves the queen. Sir Mordred tries to kill Lancelot and Lancelot is banished from the land
13.Many battles take place between King Arthur and Lancelot. King Arthur kills sir Mordred and sir Mordred kills Arthur. Sir Bedivere throws the sword Excalibur back into the water.
made by Max Riesebos 8BE
very nice book
wonderful illustrations
noble knights
many tournaments and jousts
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