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By Emily, Zee, Dillon, Zac

Dillon Mackenzie

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Colosseum

Geography's Impact Technology Levers Pulleys Location 80 A.D. There is a 100 day gala celebrating the opening of the Colosseum 70 A.D. Construction on the Flavin Amphitheater begins. 217 A.D. Much of the building is destroyed by a lightning strike 326 A.D. Gladiator games are banned but are still held secretly 408-410 A.D. Visigoths destroy more of the Colosseum during occupation 484 or 508 A.D. A massive earthquakes destroys more of the structure and officials rebuild a little 523 A.D. The last known games are held Why it was built punish criminals by making them fight each other and animals such as lions
showcase exotic animals
show their wealth and power
ensure popularity and support from other emporers
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