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Introduction and Classroom Procedures

No description

April Anderson

on 15 August 2016

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Transcript of Introduction and Classroom Procedures

in our classroom
Be Kind
About YOU!!

Please take a minute to complete the
questions... They need to be done by the
end of class.

and now about ME!
9th Grade Science
Ms. Anderson
Why Earth Science
When you come in...

1. All visiting happens in the hallway before class. When you enter the classroom, do so quietly ready to work.
ALL electronics are on silent and are to remain untouched on your tabletop. No earbuds in.

2. Upon entering the class, ALWAYS check the table for the day's assignment and quietly find your assigned seat, check the "What Did I Miss?" files if necessary.

3. Once seated, start your bellwork. ALWAYS start your bellwork immediately upon entering. I will take attendance at this time and mark you tardy if you're not in the classroom by the bell.

4. After completing the bellwork question, update your binder's table of contents and include the assignment in the appropriate place in your binder. Read ahead or finish yesterday's work.

5. Review the agenda for the day. It will always be written on the board.

6. Please stay clear of my desk and area behind my desk.
Let's talk about GUM . . .

1. I believe I'm good in Science. YES!
2. I LOVE Science!
3. I taught 7th grade Science at Fossil Ridge
4. I EXPECT EVERY student to PASS!!!
5. The BEST teacher I EVER had was
a Calculus teacher named Mr. Murray

6. FAVORITE things...
I love to hike, I'm a 'wannabe' runner,
I love to work in the yard, I love Hello Kitty stuff
I love carne asada and guacamole. I love Halloween.

7. In High School?

9. This summer? My best friend came to visit and
I prepared for this CLASS!
10. Yes, only because I work hard, and ask questions
11. Yes, I'm a hard worker, I have no other choice.
12. Yes!
15. After high school. Dr, but ended working in the engineering field.
16. I live with my two sons.
Thomas 17 yrs
Me with my two boys
Chase 13 years
3-Ring Science Binder
4 Divider pages, 1 for each Quarter
Online Resources
The Snow Canyon website will provide a link to my
email and class website. My class website will provide the online resources for this class for each quarter.

My class slides (prezis) are available online.
A textbook for reference is also available.

Being prepared also means checking
Powerschool and the online resources on my website regularly.
I have two sons.
I have two sisters.
I love yardwork.
I have a love/hate
relationship with the DI.
Favorite Movie
Favorite Book
Favorite vacation was in Cancun, Mexico.
We also saw Chichen Itza and Tulum.
Rockin' the 80's hair in high school.
Me in the ninth grade.
I had a mullet, wore
a one-piece jumpsuit
and had a rainbow bedroom.
I expect you to be prepared.
I expect you to do your BEST!
I'm looking forward to the LAST day of school, of course!!!!

When you leave...
1. I will give you the clear to pack up backpacks.
2. Stay seated until excused.
3. All supplies will be inventoried and cleaned up.
4. Use the hand-in procedure to turn in work.
ALWAYS name-up, face-up.
5. Please push chairs in or put them on the desks if you are the LAST class of the day.
6. Check the floors around you and use the trash can.
7. If excused to line up, do not leave until the bell sounds.
8. If I have you exit class before the bell you are to REMAIN in the 200 hall!
1. Please use the trashcan for gum, pencil shavings, scraps of paper, even if you have to get out of your seat.

2. "Student centered" learning. Use indoor voices. You may get up from your seat if needed to for bathroom, trash can, kleenex, sharpening your pencil, etc. You may work and communicate with your neighbors.

3. "Teacher centered" learning. attentively listening to me. No headphones, (earbuds), no phone activity, no making noise (tapping, getting in backpacks, sharpening pencils, etc.)

4. Hall passes. Please write your name AND time you left. LEAVE phone in the caddy, take pass, use the sanitizer when you return.

5. The IN/OUT boxes, the binder pages, and the 'what did I miss?' files.

6. A binder example will be kept at the front of the class.

7. There will be periodic binder checks that will be peer graded.

2. Online Tour
What is a safe learning environment?

What things threaten a safe learning

What can YOU do to help promote
a safe learning environment?

What I did this summer?
I love music.
Sundance, Ut
Dead Horse Point, UT
Let's take a room tour next...
What was my favorite summer event?

You can join me on your smartphone.
Football and Basketball Games
Cooler weather. A smooth school year.
A trip to South America next year including Machu Picchu.
In fact, most of the cool stuff in this classroom, I found at the DI.
My behavior expectations.
Teacher led vs. Student led.
Knowing when to stop.
Taking "talking turns".
Behavior Log
Meet and Mingle (M&M) introductions.
Hand in Procedure
Especially live music.
What a safe learning environment
should be.
Full transcript