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all about us all about others (Years 1-4) – EPILEPSY

No description

Epilepsy Foundation Australia

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of all about us all about others (Years 1-4) – EPILEPSY

the brain.
What to do
if a person
has a seizure?
all about us all about others
Many of us have
medical conditions
What do you think makes each person in these pictures unique?
Some last for a long time
Can you
guess what
these medical
conditions are?
There is one other thing that makes Lachlan and Chris alike
Both Lachlan and Chris
It affects 1 in 100 people
Even animals can get epilepsy
Epilepsy is not contagious
Our brain is like
a very powerful
and clever computer
To learn about epilepsy
you need to learn about
It sends messages to each
part of our body telling it
what to do next
If you know
What do their
sound like?
What do
their seizures
look like?
How do they
feel during or
after their
Treat the person the same as everybody else
Be patient and understanding. Remember the person has no control over the seizure
When the person is ready to get on with their work, help them if they seem a bit confused
Never tease or make fun of the person
Challenge your family and friends to take the Epilepsy Smart Quiz
Get involved
in Purple Day
for Epilepsy
Stay calm and remember most seizures are short
Tell a teacher or another adult immediately
If possible one or two students should stay with the student until a teacher arrives
Don't hold them down or put anything in their mouth
If you know
We all have things
about us that
make us
Some last only a short time
Not all seizures are the same
The person
• is staring
• is confused
• may drop to the ground and shake
• may wander around in a daze
The person may be
• making strange noises
• mumbling
• breathing strangely
• making no sound at all
The person may feel
• scared and confused
• embarrassed
• dizzy and sick
happen during a seizure
Can you tell me things
that you notice about
Lachlan and Chris that
makes them alike?
Did you come up
with these ideas?
Can you think of other ways you might help a person with epilepsy?
Molly thinks the
best way to help
a person with
epilepsy is to
be their friend
Can you tell me things
that you notice about
Lachlan and Chris that
makes them different?
This is Lachlan
This is Chris
A person
cannot control
what happens
A person is not in pain
during a seizure
Most seizures
only last a
short time
When the messages get
mixed up it is called a
If a person has
epilepsy these
messages can
sometimes get
Some facts
about epilepsy
people animation
Become Epilepsy Smart by taking the Epilepsy Smart Quiz
Other great ways
you can help people
with epilepsy are
proudly supported by
copyright 2012
someone with epilepsy
Ask them their ideas on how you could help
someone with epilepsy
You usually need to
take medicine if you
have epilepsy
This is Himal
A message travels from
Himal’s brain to his thumb
'telling’ it to move
Himal moves his
right thumb
This is how the
brain normally works
When Himal has a seizure, the messages in the brain get all mixed up
After some rest Himal should
be back to his usual self
We are all unique in our own way
Respect each others differences
click the image to start video
click the image to start video (4 mins)
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