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Riverboat Life

No description

av s

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Riverboat Life

[Back story]: 1880. A married couple is celebrating their twentieth anniversary on a steamboat. •John Fitch made first practical steamboat on Aug 22, 1787
•Robert Fulton refined the steamboat, made it a commercial success
•Steamboats traveled much faster than other ships could
•Contributed greatly to the economy by transporting agricultural and industrial supplies
Made of wood, 40-300 ft in length [Wife]: And do you recall the entertainment? [Wife]: Oh! We've arrived at the party! [Husband]: Of course... •Gambling took place on riverboats (away from government regulations)
•Showboats – form of theater that took place on the waterways
•Pleasure steamboats were fancy.
First class – luxurious rooms, fine dining. A few boats offered entertainment in grand ballrooms.
Non-first class – cramped quarters, few amenities. [Husband]: Of course I do! The riverboats and steamboats of the nineteenth century... [Wife]: Oh Honey! Do you remember the steamboat when we first got married? Riverboat life in the Nineteenth Century By: Avni Shah, Brian Shi, Maria Abraham ...and that steamboat race of 1870 Works Cited Bellis, Mary. "The History of Steamboats." Inventors.about.com. About.com, 2011. Web. 30 Jan. 2013.
"The Riverboat Life." Museum.state.il.us. Illinois State Museum, 2006. Web. 30 Jan. 2013.
"Steamboat History." Oracle ThinkQuest. Oracle Foundation, 2009. Web. 30 Jan. 2013. John Fitch Nineteenth Century Riverboat
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