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The sentence (day 1)

No description

Erin Klopfenstein

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of The sentence (day 1)

Subjects and Predicate The Sentence DEFINITION:A sentence is a word or word group that contains a subject and a verb that expresses a complete thought. DEFINITION: the subject tells who or what the sentence is about. The Predicate DEFINITION: the predicate of a sentence tells something about the subject. The Sentence A sentence:
1. begins with a capital letter
2. ends with a period, question mark, or exlaimation point. Examples:
She won a prize for her book. Why did you stop running? Wait! Sentence Fragments DEFINITION: a sentence fragment is a group of words that looks like a sentence but does not contain both a subject and a verb or does not express a complete thought. Sentence Fragment: Sailing around the world. (does not have a subject)

Sentence: They are sailing around the world.

Sentence fragment: The hike throught the Grand Caynon. (does not have a verb)

Sentence: The hike through the Grand Caynon was long and hard. Sentence fragments are exceptable in informal situations, like when you are taking notes for youreself or jotting down a few things for a grociery list. The Subject Examples:
Nicholasa Mohr is an artist
The girls on the team were all good students.

He shared his lunch with the boy on the team.

Swimming is good excercise. To find the subject, ask who or what is doing something or whom or what is being talked about. The subject may come at the beginning, middle, or end of a sentence. The pitcher struck the Felicia out. (Felicia was struck out by the pitcher.) Hiding in the bushes was a little rabbit. (The rabbit was hiding in the bushes.) After practicing for hours, Timmy bowled two strikes. (Timmy bowled two strikes.) is a difficult game to play. works in the post office Luckily for me, was easy to read. Tied to the end of the rope was Did help you? Practice Simple Subjects and Complete Subject DEFINITION: the simple subject is the main word or word group that tells
whom or what the sentence is about. The complete subject consists of all the words that tell whom or what a sentence is about. Examples
The four new students

The complete subject: the four new students

The simple subject: students Is the winner of the go-cart race present?

The complete subject: winner or the go-cart race

The simple subject: winner A round walnut table with five legs stood in the middle of the dining room.

The complete subject: a round walnut table with five legs

The simple subject: table A simple subject may consist of one or several words. Jets often break the sound barrier. (one word)

Does Aunt Carmen own a grocery store? (two words)

On the library shelf was The Island of the Blue Dolphins. (six words) Sometimes the simple subject is referred to as just the subject. Examples:
The phone rang.

Old Faithful is a giant geyser in Yellowstone National Park.

Jade Snow Wong wrote about growing up in San Francisco's Chinatown. The Predicate may be found anywhere in the sentence. Sometimes the predicate is divided by the subject.

Has the dough risen enough? Simple and complete predicates DEFINITION:The simple predicate, or verb, is the main word or word group that tells something about the subject. A complete predicate consists of a verb and all the words that describe the verb and complete its meaning. The pilot broke the sound barrier.

Complete Predicate: broke the barrier

simple predicate (verb): broke

We should have visited the diamond field in Arkansas.

Complete Predicate: should have visited the diamond field in Arkansas.

Simple Predicate (verb): should have visited

The telephone on the table rang.

Complete predicate: rang

Simple predicate (verb): rang The simple predicate is usaully reffered to as the verb. Verb Phrase Some simple predicates, or verbs, consist of more than one word. Such verbs are called verb phrases (verbs that include one or more helping verbs). Kathy is riding the Ferris wheel. The Carnival has been in town for two weeks. Should Imelda have gotten here sooner? The words not and never are not verbs; they are adverbs. They are never part of a verb or verb phrase. She has not written me recently.

I will never forget her. Finding the Subject To find the subject of the sentence, find the verb first. Then, ask "Who?" or "What?" before the verb. Example:
Where are the canary islands located? (Are located is the verb. What are located? Canary islands is the subject of the sentence.) Identify the simple subject of the sentence.

Momaday's father was a Kiowa.

As a young man, Mamaday attended the University of New Mexico and Stanford University.

The book includes poems, an essay, and stories about the Kiowa people. Excercise Identify the complete subject.

James was the best baseball player on the team.

The main character in the story is called Mr. Eckels.

He is looking for the dinosaur TYRANNOSAURUS REX. Practice Abby Nelson White House. Elle's Ipad. Sue Anderson? fish Examples Identify the simple predicate. (verb)

Elle was fishing with her dad.

Josh cleaned the kitchen when his mom was gone.

The presidential debate became very heated. Identify the complete predicate.

Lia was watching tv in the livingroom.

When the chips were gone, Mike asked the boys what they wanted to do.

Seth began to cry when he realized his arm was broken. Practice Identify the verb phrase.

She has been to the pumpkin festival twice.

She doesn't understand why she should have been there more.

She has been going to the cherry festival though.
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