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mobile store management system

No description

abhishek dalvi

on 31 August 2013

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Transcript of mobile store management system

Mobile store management system On Site Shopping Presented by Problem definition ASP (i.e. Abhishek, Sambhaji, Pooja) software solutions has been assigned a task to create mobile shop management system for Fortune mobile Co. ASP software solutions needs to implement billing system, inventory database, employee records, purchase information, customer information etc. which will help Fortune mobile Co. to change from paper based transaction to computerized transaction. Analysis We are creating the application for Fortune mobile Co.
System Title: Mobile store management.
System category: RDBMS(Relational Database Management System) A short definition of an RDBMS may be a DBMS in which data is stored in the form of tables and the relationship among the data is also stored in the form of tables.
Operational Status: System has been developed.
Undergoing Major Modification: Data will be stored in the database on a click of a button.

In this project .NET(c#) has been used as the Front-End tool and SQL server has been used as the back-End tool.
The following are the Scope and area covered:
It can be applied to large databases with more information.
To enables the software to work in a multi-user environment.
To enable the software to develop the profit and loss accounts of the firm. Proposed System Structure of the system Hardware requirement The hardware requirements specify,
Pentium 4 processor or higher
Hard disk of 4GB capacity or more
512 MB RAM
Standard output device (Display)
Standard input device (Keyboard, mouse) pooja shewale
abhishek dalvi
sambhaji salunkhe Index Existing System The existing system of the Fortune mobiles is paper based.
The company stored their records manually.
Its time consuming to search any particular record.
Wastage of resources to store old record books.
When a customer requests for the a particular model, one has to physically check for the availability of stock in storage. The system is more efficient than the existing system .
provides user friendly interface for employees which reduces paper work.
Will make functioning of store faster
Will reduce human error. Software requirement The software requirements specify,
Microsoft XP or higher operating system
SQL server 2005
Microsoft visual studio 2005 ER diagram Activity diagram Activity diagram conti. Class diagram Gantt chart User interface Limitation Employee has to go through many records to find any particular transaction, which can take some time and effort.
End user should have the basic knowledge of the computers.
This system will only available till the system on which it is installed is running.
The system is not portable as it is a standalone application running on single system with no shared database. Advantages The new system is platform independent & much faster.
The mobile store management system will make storing of the stock records, employee records, purchase information, and customer information a lot easier.
New system is secured with authentication module, only the legitimate users are allowed to use the application.
Stable database & Transaction make the mobile store management system more secure.
It will automatically generate bills when the customer buys the mobile. The bill history can be retrieved promptly.
All the stored data can be printed or viewed in the form of various reports. Conclusion The project “Mobile Store Management System” has been created with the intention of providing a user with application which will suffice all needs for the details of mobile phones and other updates.
All the requirements specifications were followed as far as possible and few additional features were added that can make the application more users friendly and less complicated.
The project “Mobile Store Management System” has been developed with the proper guidance from the client.
We hope that ”Mobile Store Management System” fulfills all the needs in possible manner. Future enhancement More of number item details can be inserted into the database.
It can be integrated with the web for universal access.
Upgrading the performance for better & faster search.
System will be portable with shared database. thank you further topics will be presented by Sambhaji Salunkhe. further topics will be presented by Abhishek Dalvi. Database The Mobile Store Management System database contains following tables-

Login table
Customer table
Employee table
Invoice table
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