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Spain - A PowerPoint Presentation

Spanish-Speaking Country Project (For real)

Megan Bartley

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Spain - A PowerPoint Presentation

~Climate~ ~Quick History~ ~Government~ Summer Climate: Parliamentary Monarchy: Population Of Spain ~2012 Population: 47,190,493~ ~Travel Destinations~ Barcelona Madrid Enrique Iglesias Kane Penelope Cruz ~Interesting Facts~ The name "Spain" came from the word ispania (meaning the land of rabbits)
There isn't a tooth fairy in Spain, but there is a tooth mouse by the name of Ratoncito Perez
The Spaniards invented the mop ~Sources Page!~ Increase of 0.4% from 2011 Physical Map Political Map Temperate
Interior: clear and hot
Along the Coast: moderate and cloudy Winter Climate: Cloudy
Interior: cold
Along the Coast: partly cloudy and cool A monarchy having a parliament. Spain By Megan Bartley Sagrada Familia
Barcelona Museum Plaza Mayor
Prado Museum ~Famous Individuals~ Music Artist Spanish Wrestler Spanish Actress 1492 - Christopher Columbus set sail to discover America
1493-1500 - He hit India first, then found America
1500 - Made way back to Spain to share the news
1506 - Entire continental shore was now explored and the Spaniards moved in www.countrystudies.us
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