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Brutal Truths About Violence

No description

Maksim Sosin

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Brutal Truths About Violence

Brutal Truths About Violence

By A.O. Scott
New-York Times How dare they! Oh, lighten up In the film, the latest comic-book-derived movie to defy the PG-13 norm and seek out an R rating, Hit-Girl is 11. Ms. Moretz, a charming and energetic performer, is 13 The results, while hardly realistic, are full of the sights and sounds of bodily harm She becomes a victim as well as an agent of the violence May represent an acknowledgment of just how far the audience is willing to go, but it is also evidence of how jaded, how inured to brutality, many moviegoers have become. a person who criticize movie violence a scold a moralist a worrywart Unlike naughty language or sexuality, violence is rarely seen as scandalous these days The counter argument was, in essence, twofold: that cinema could hardly be expected to be insulated from a world of pervasive war, criminality and social disturbance; and that the exploration of violence was an aesthetic opportunity for ambitious filmmakers. Movies in replacing the kapow-kablam stunt work and antiseptic editing that has kept most superhero movies ostensibly safe for young teenagers with amputations, arterial sprays and grueling scenes of torture. Question for discussion

What is your opinion about violence
in the teenager's movies?
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