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Eric Carle

No description

Arely Gonzalez

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Eric Carle

Eric Carle

About Eric Carle
Born June 25, 1929 in Syracuse, NY. (age 84)
When he was 6, his mother was homesick for germany and soon moved back to his parents birthplace.
He Graduated from a local art school there. (Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart.)
He has a son and a daughter and a wife named Bobbie Morrison.
He currently divides his time between Florida Keys and the Hills of North Carolina.
About his Work
The Very Many Books of Eric Carle
Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?
1,2,3 The Zoo
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Pancakes! Pancakes!
The Tiny Seed
Tales of Nimipoo
The Boastful Fisherman
Feathered Ones and Furry
The Scarecrow Clock
Do You Want to Be My Friend
Roosters Off to See The World
The Very Long Trail
Eric & His Parents
Eric & His Two Children
Eric, while working on one of his books.
Here is a quick view of how Eric worked on his illustrations for his stories.
The Very Long Train
The Secret Birthday Message
Walter the Baker
Do Bears Have Mothers Too?
Have You Seen My Cat?
I See a Song
My Very First Book of Numbers
My Very First Book of Colors
My Very First Book of Shapes
My Very First Book Of Words
Why Noah Chose The Dove
All About Arthur
The Whole in the Dike
The Mixed Up Chameleon
Eric Carle Storybook, Seven Tales by The Brothers Grimm
Eric Carle's work is very art distinctive and recognizable.
He uses a collage technique using hand painted papers which he cuts and layers them into bright colorful images.
The themes of his stories are usually drawn from his extensive knowlegde and love for nature.
the grouchy ladybug
Watch Out! A Giant!
Seven Stories
Twelve Tales from Aesop
The Honeybee and the Robber
Otter Nonsense
Catch The ball
Lets Paint a rainbow
Whats for lunch
Chip Has Many Brothers
The very busy Spider
The foolish tortoise
The greedy python
The mountain that loved a bird
All around us
Papa please get the moon for me
My very first book of tools
My very first book of sounds
My very first book of food
My very first book of touch
My very first book of motion
My very first book of growth
My very first book of homes
My very first book of heads
About the Books

Eric Carles favorite book is "Do You Want To Be My Friend?" Because it talks about friendship.
The first book ever illlustrated was "Brown Bear, Brown Bear what Do You See?"
This video describes briefly about the work of Brown bear Brown Bear, what do you see? Also, history of Eric.
The interesting thing about Eric Carles books, is that they were inspired by nature.
The easy part of creating his books would be the illustrations. The hardest part is having the story match with the pictures.
Often times it took him several trys before he could feel confident about his work.
"When I start a book it's a lot of fun....when you know what you want."- Eric Carle
How It All Began
Started as a graphic designer.
Later became an art director for an advertising agency
In the mid 1960's Bill Martin Jr, discovered Eric Carles art of an lobster.
Then Bill Martin Jr had Eric illustrate "Brown Bear Brown Bear" and soon Eric's career bloomed.
Now he is an Author and Illustrator to over more than 20 books leveled through primary up to third grade.
"Amost without trying i had become an author and illustrator of childrens books."
Awarded Books
2003 Wilder Awards
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Brown Bear, Bown Bear What Do You See?
Do You want To Be My Friend?
Caldecott Award
The Very Hungry Caterpillaar
-He also won many awards such as First prize for picture books from The International Childrens Book Fairs.
-The American Institute of Graphics Award
-The Best Book Award
His own love for nature brings life to his stories.
The unique way of using collage to illlustrate the multi-dimensional make up of the world brings life to a childs mind.
The language in his books are to teach and help with comprehension.
His Work Style

For The Classroom
The Tiny Seed
Once read aloud, students will be able to understand parts of the flower and how a plants grow.

Each student will make their own flower using colored tissue paper and naming the petals, stem etc. :)

The students will also have a chance to plant thier own "Tiny Seed" and watch it grow, then they will be able to take it home and show thier parents.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
The class will be able to sequence any set of events in the correct order. I will have also a paper where they can name the title etc over what they learned.
While I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, it will be during snack time and have children eat the fruits as I read along. They will be able to recognize the similarities and also enjoy the book.
To end the day we will have an activity where the children put thier index finger in ink and plave it on a paper making a caterpillar for them to take home to thier parents.
Do You Want To Be My Friend ?
To help the children understand the characteristic of a goof friend .
Have each student draw from a box of thier classmates names and say aloud for exapmle "jake is my friend."
As a class I would put on a song " I have a new friend" and have students pair with each other and dance and sing.
This would be to show that even though we all look different we can all enjoy each others company.

Eric Carles Officail Blog

Fantastic Fiction
Books Classified By Genre
All his books are Fantastic Genre which has to do with completely unrealistic elements for example majority if not all books are dealt with animals. His books are meant to help his readers comprehend his view on nature and life but most importantly to teach the reader.. Most of his books are classified as Fiction picture books.

Example: Roosters Off to See the World!
The use of colorful collage to entertain the reader, a simple text that takes very young readers on a trip with a rooster who runs into two cats, two frogs, four turtles ect. This helps he reader have a graphic view of understanding numbers.

Fiction Picture Book
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