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Prezi Portfolio- Vincent Paglia

Exploratory 8 Computer Technology

Vincent Paglia

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Prezi Portfolio- Vincent Paglia

Layers Project- Landscape My Prezi Portfolio 8th Grade Google Chrome Applications used Vincent Paglia 1/10/13 Google Drive Photoshop Prezi Spread Sheets Google Docs Exploratory 8 Computer Tech. I love to play hockey. Procedure 1. You open Adobe Photoshop and create a new project 2. make sure the measurements are 1000 pixels by 700 pixels 3. make sure to unlock the background layer Goal The goal for this project was to create a landscape using photo shop and use multiple layers. Description For this project you use photo shop to create a landscape with many layers. 4 create a new layer click 5 paint using the brush tool on a clear layer 6 you can change the brush size and brush type in the property bar 7 you can change the color by clicking on the square then color picker shows up 8 if you mess up you can click edit then step backwards End product Schoology Composite Project Goal Description This assignment was to put together two pictures, by putting one of the pictures into the other, and make them look real. The goal for this assignment was to make the combined pictures look real Procedure 1. Open photo shop 2. Find two images 3. Drag them to your desktop then to photo shop 4. Unlock the background layers for both pictures 5 Delete the excess parts of the photo you need either use the magic wand, the eraser, press command + D and if you mess up on the original photo you can hold option and erase 6. Then you can use the move tool to drag it onto the other image 7. Then hold control + T to resize and you can hold shift to keep the same proportions or rotate 8. Then erase the image with the eraser and you can either use a soft eraser or a sharp eraser and opacity in the properties bar End projects Color change projects Description For this assignment was to pick an image that has bright colors you would want to change (not black, gray, or white) Procedure 1. Find the image that has bright colors you would want to change (not black, gray, or white) 2. Drag the pictures on your desktop then drag the image onto the photo shop icon 3. Unlock the background by double clicking on the part that says background then click OK then it should say Layer 0 4. Click on the thing that looks like a sticky note on the bottom right corner 5. click on the paint brush then click on the color square and find the color that you want 6. color over the part of the picture on the new layer you created called “Layer 1” 7. then go to the box that says normal then click and find hue 8. finally erase all the colors you don’t want changed End products Desaturation Project Description For this project we were to take an image with a lot of colors then desaturate it and then add color to one object. Goal The goal for this project was to take a picture with colors and take the color out and make one thing stand out. Procedure 1. Find a picture with color then drag it onto your desktop 2. Drag the picture to the photo shop icon 3. Unlock the background by clicking on the layer on the far right labeled Background 4. then drag that layer to the bottom right corner that looks like a sticky note 5. Then go to image, adjustments, and then desaturate 6. Then create a mask by clicking the icon with a little black circle in the middle 7. Then take the brush tool and paint with black over what you want to stand out End Product The End
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