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Spanish food vs. American food

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katelynn paynter

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Spanish food vs. American food

Compare and Contrast
Spanish Speaking Countries
Population: 46,754,784
Population: 44,725,543
Population: 29,248,943
Population: 27,635,743
Bread- el pan
Cake- el bollo
Egg- huevo
Flour- la harina
Milk- la leche
Rice- el arroz
Salt- la sal
Meat- la carne
Coffee- el cafe
Fish- el pescado
Mexican food vs. American food
Mexico is located in North America. The capital of Mexico is Mexico City. The official language of Mexico is spanish. Mexico declared independence on September 16th 1810. Mexico's area is around 1,220,600 square miles.

10 Words Related to Food
By: Katelynn Paynter
Mexican food:
In Mexican dishes they use corn and beans like most americans.
Mexicans also eat beef, pork, and chicken.
Both places have three meals a day.
In Mexico and America they serve dishes with meat.
The people of these areas both enjoy coffee in the morning.
Most of american meat is processed unlike Mexican meat.
Most Mexican fruit is fresh, while we have ours shipped to us.
Mexican food is served in smaller portions
Mexicans gather with their families for every meal.
More foods in Mexico are hand-made.
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