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generations 2


anna gilpin

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of generations 2

Generations - Coming of age 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 beats & beatniks hippies swinging 60's psychedelics mods skinheads glam punk funk new
romantics Goths Casuals indiekids grunge acid jazz techno cyberpunks ravers headbangers Baby Boomers Generation X Generation Y Generation Z emo pop style street super-model sexy-city mash-up supermarket of style democratization sportscasual neo-victorian pop-punk chav chaps new rave counterculture ideologically divided gender equality racial equality special different
from the previous
generation After WW2
birth rates boomed
future hopes
Technological boom
Wealth growth
individualistic non-trust pragamtic savvy & amoral more focused on money Vietnam war
Oil Crisis 1973
Energy crisis 1979
Video, home computer
Black Monday 1987
Berlin Wall falls 1989

anti-authority Post cold war
Gulf War I & II
Nelson Mandela freed 1990
Wealth period - globalism
CD, WWW, mobile, social media
Gaming & Reality TV
Sept 11,2001
Terrorism - war on terror
Natural disaster - hurricane, tsunami,
flu pandemic

digital natives sociable family centric feedback seeking achievement oriented pampered educated flexible lifestyle Post digital
Economic Crisis -lost generation
Climate crisis
Water crisis
Self Sufficient
future focus technology saves us sustain mash-up culture protectionist global ?
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