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legacy of jackson pollock

No description

douglas cason

on 13 November 2017

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Transcript of legacy of jackson pollock

Thomas Hart Benton
Thomas Hart Benton, Ballad of the Jealous Lover
Jackson Pollock, Going West, 1934-35
Jackson Pollock, Woman, 1930-1933
Head, 1940-41
Jackson Pollock, Moon Woman Cuts the Circle, 1944
Lee Krasner
Lee Krasner, Another Storm, 1963
Jackson Pollock, Stenograph
Lee Krasner, Untitled, 1953
Jackson Pollock, Circumcision, 1946
The "Contemporaries"
Max Ernst
Andre Breton
Peggy Guggenheim
Marcel Duchamp
Willem de KooningWoman, 1949-1950
Willem de Kooning, Woman, 1953
The Legacy
Phillip Guston
City Limits, 1969
The Three, 1970
Head and Bottle, 1975. Sold for $6,536,000
in 2007
Seascape with Dunes, 1962
High Spirits, 1988
Delta Kappa, 1960
Louis Morris
Joseph Cornell
Hotel Eden, 1945
Observatory Box, 1950
Robert Rauscheberg
Lincoln, 1958
Wager (Detail),
Mark Tobey
Calligraphy, 1968
Night Celebration II, 1971
Piet Mondrain
Willem De Kooning
Mark Rothko
Ingrid Calame 1965-
Alberto Giacometti
Alberto Giacometti
Jean Dubuffet, Corps de Dame, 1950
Jean Debuffett, Ge Feu Follet Noir, 1947
Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon, Painting , 1946 ,Oil on canvas, 198.1 x 132.1 cm (78 x 52 in); The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Francis Bacon, Study After Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X
1953, Oil on canvas, 153 x 118.1 cm (60 1/4 x 46 1/2 in); Des Moines Art Center, Iowa
Francis Bacon, Study for Crouching Nude, oil and sand on canvas, 1952.
Peggy Guggenheim
Clement Greenberg
Willem de Kooning
Mark Rothko
Color field Painting
Franz Kline, Chief, 1950
Europe and America after 1945
Line, Color, Composition, Balance,
Variety, Movement...
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