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my life is sometimes rad: a novel

No description

Audrey Ngo

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of my life is sometimes rad: a novel

my life is sometimes rad: a lame autobio prezi

created by audrey a. ngo

yay you can creep on me for free
Who am I? WHO AM I? (24601, your father, not the Doctor, etc) Well, I'm a scholar, figure skater, pianist, art enthusiast, bookworm, wannabe writer, bad comic-book drawer, scribbler, and well... a frequent one-sided conversation-er. I'm incredibly passionate about my figure skating and I've been participating in it for 12 years now. Yes, I can do the twirly things. No, I'm not allowed to do backflips (without harnesses).

The First Cup of Coffee

Full Name: Audrey Anna Ngo / Ngo Que^' Anh

Birthday: November 13, 1997.

Other: My grandfather supposedly had French blood in him, along with my grandmother. I've been told that I'm the only grandchild that has carried on the signature cheek mole, some form of musicality, and the Hue^' accent that my granddad had.

where the honor starts
Grandmum and Gramps
the woman that deserves a pedestal
The mother, circa Christmas 2012.
Cinna and Mei-mei, circa August 2013.
(Cinna just turned 4, Mei-mei is 2.)
My grandfather, elusive as he is, sadly does not have a surviving picture anywhere near my vicinity. My mother assures me, however, that he was quite the looker.
Ma mere, circa May 2013.
all right, shut up or sum it up
what even?
Living Like Larry, circa recently 2013.
I feel like I will be able to do my best on the team because of the amazing support from everyone. It's just an awesome feeling to know that there's tons of friendly faces in your corner. (That's enough sentiment to make me vomit.)

important cameos
general things
I'm also a happy member of the film department.
(Yeah, go film! :D)
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