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Elizabeth Chandler

By Shannon Turgeon

shannon turgeon

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Elizabeth Chandler

Elizabeth Chandler
Kissed by an
Angel Series She has written numerous picture
books for children under her
real name, Mary Claire Helldorfer
, as well as romances for teens
under her pen name,
Elizabeth Chandler. Elizabeth is a former high school and
college teacher with a Ph.D. in English
She graduated from the University of Rochester
She writes romance novels include:
Summer in the City,
Love at First Click
and the romance-mystery Kissed by an Angel under her pen name, Elizabeth Chandler.
She is also known for her suspense filled series Dark Secrets books under her pen name are :
Kissed by an Angel;
The Power of Love;
The Deep End of Fear;
No Time To Die;
Dark Secrets 1&2;
Legacy of Lies;
The Back Door of Midnight;
And More.

In March of 2009, when Mary Claire Helldorfer first learned that her book Kissed by an Angel had hit USA Today’s Top 150 Books, she was working as a 10th-grade English teacher at Friends School of Baltimore.
children books written by Mary-Claire are :
Hog Music;
The Darling Boys;
Pheobe and The River Flute;
Clap! Clap!;
Golden Pancakes;
Cabbage Rose;
Spook House;
Almost Home. This is Elizabeth Chandler! THE END
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