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The Four Modes Of Delivery

Memorized Mode, Impromptu Mode, Extemporaneous Mode, Manuscript Mode

Tim Molina

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of The Four Modes Of Delivery

The Four Modes of Speech Delivery Memorized Delivery Mode Extemporaneous Delivery Mode Manuscript Delivery Mode Presenter has committed a presentation to memory
Presenter rehearses gestures, eye contact, movement Impromptu Delivery Mode Giving a presentation without advance preparation
Minimal planning and practice
Allows for you to be spontaneous
Gets you ready for the real world Sounds Conversational
Requires a lot of practice and effort
Speaker uses a keyword outline as a quick guide Presenter writes out complete presentation in advance
Presenter uses manuscript to deliver speech
Prevents slips of tongue and poor wording Discussion Questions
1. Who was more effective and why?
2. Does the Message Change with the Speaker?
3. Which speaker best used Hand Gestures?
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