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Criminal Justice

No description

Melanie Castro

on 13 August 2015

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Transcript of Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice
What are the different industries or niches that you can go into with your major?
o Police Officers
o Detectives
o Probation Officers
o Correctional Officers
o Security Guards
o Attorney (Defense)
o Attorney (Prosecutor)
o Judge
o Paralegal
o Parole Officer
o Private Investigator
o Sociologist

Currently, what are some of the most important technological advances in your field?
Working in criminal justice today, means having the opportunity to utilize robots, GPS system, advanced cameras and high powered computer system. These important technologies have improved investigation, surveillance, and analyzing procedures - so long they are bucked by the skill set and intelligence to properly use them.

What student organization can help students in this field with others?

Probation officer- 47,200 per year
Forensic Science Technician- 55,660 per year
Police officer- 55,010 per year
Correctional Officer- 39,020 per year
Private Detective- 48,610 per year
Fish and Game Warden- 55,070 per year
Security Guard- 24,020 per year
State Trooper- 55,010 per year
Crime Scene Investigator- 79,030 per year
Computer Forensic Investigator- 86,170 per year
Fraud Investigators- 58,420 per year
F.B.I Agent- FBI pay roll is based on the Government General Schedule (GS) pay scale
They start off at the G-S 10 Pay roll.
C.I.A Agent- Between 74,872 and 155,500.
U.S Postal Inspector- Salary based off (GS) SCALE.
Immigration and Costumes Enforcement Agent- 79,030 per year
Blood Splatter Analyst- 80,000 – 100,000 per year
D.E.A Agent- Depends on education and degree starting salary 49,796 with a degree 92,592
Secret Service Agent- 49, 746 (GL-7)
U.S Marshall- (GL-07) PAY

What company’s officer internship opportunities?
Database and Information Exchange
Robots, robotic cameras and flying drones
What type of career can someone with your major pursue
One of the most important technical tools in the field today is the computer database. There are now data base systems for DNA testing and profiling, fingerprint, and "Hot Spot" crime mapping programs. Years ago everything was written down and information was difficult to exchange between different countries and states. Now it's universal assessable thanks to computer basses. Law Enforcement professionals can exchange information more easily and affordable now.
Instead of sending an officer to check out a dangerous situation, it's now possible to send in a robot. There are even flying robotic drones that give officers a bird eye view of a crime scene without a person having to go up in the air.
GPS and GIS systems
Officers use GPS/GIS in many. On great way GPS is used is to track fleeing criminals without having to engage in a dangerous high speed chase. GIS can be used to track police vehicles so departments know where they are located.
Gun Shot Detection System (GDS)
This system of electronic sensors installed in high-crime areas help police quickly detect where any gun shots came from. They allow for an improved response time that helps reduce crimes.
Automatic License Plate Recognition
There are now cameras inside police cars that can automatically run every single license plate the camera sees. An officer immediately sees if the car is stolen or if the driver has warrants out for his arrest.
Criminal Justice Student Association
National security consulting and investigations
Law office of Brett A Podolsk
917 Franklin st 510
Phoenix, AZ
6 part time, unpaid (college credit required)
Must be able to work 8 to 16 hours. Must submit transcripts and a writing sample. Must have a basic understanding of the criminal justice system.

-Private investigator/social justice internship
Toronto, IL 1602 Erma Street
5 part time unpaid
Have a talent for social media postings, interest in private or police investigations and helping people. Must have writing skills and be organized. Time commitment is flexible from 8 to 16 hours per week. Must work from Maryland office.

The center for returning citizens
1501 Cherry Street
Philadelphia, PA
4 part time, unpaid (college credit hours)
Must have and understanding of the criminal justice system, be kind and respectful to all clients and proficient in Microsoft office. Must have college credit in criminal justice. Must submit transcripts and a writing sample.

What companies are currently hiring in your field?
Homeland security preference management team lead
Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice
Data analysis and validation skills
Prior experience leading junior staff
Washington D.C

Fire investigator
Englewood, NJ
Paladin consulting, Inc.
Preparing and giving testimony
Prepare oral and written reports
Experience in fire and explosion investigation and analysis field is a must.

Private investigator
Must be u.s. citizen
Must obtain and maintain a security clearance
Suitable for federal employment as determined by background investigation
Earle navel ammunition depot, NJ
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