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ELL High School Program

Tenafly Transition Meeting for ELL's

Freddy Nunez

on 9 January 2018

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Transcript of ELL High School Program

Our ELL Program
We want you to succeed!!!
Gain in your ability to speak, listen, read and write in an academic environment!

Acquire the critical thinking strategies and insight needed to be successful in High School and Beyond!!!

Continue to be taught by well established teachers who instruct rigorous courses!!

ELL High School Program
Transition Presentation for 8th Graders
ELL Program at Tenafly High School
"One of the best!!!!"
Difference from TMS
"What is done differently?"
Transition from MS to HS
Exiting the Program
"Multiple Measures"
Questions and Answers
State renowned and recognized program
Continued ELL Support in Content Areas
Continued Focus on building Academic English, Reading and Writing Skills

Our Goal: To have you achieve success in the High School classroom AND beyond!

Placement Test Scores
ACCESS and other Standardi

Teacher Recommendation
Content Teacher input

New Environment
Graduation Requirements
Clubs and Activities

Currently, approximately 33 students in 3 levels

Placement Testing in September

We offer support in math, science, and history.

Content level courses are as rigorous as "mainstream" courses.
New En
Graduation Requirements:
Course Credits Years
English 20 4
World History (Grades 9 – 10) 10 2
US History (Grades 11 – 12) 10 2
Mathematics 15 3
Science 17-18 3
World Language 10 2
Visual and Performing Arts 5 1

Course Credits Years
21st Century Life and Careers, Or Career-Technical Education 5 1
Financial Economic Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy (2010) 2.5 0.5
Physical Education/Family Life/Driver Education 16 4
Technological Literacy – Integrated throughout curriculum

Over 60 to choose from
Athletic Programs
After School Activities
Theater and Drama
Madrigal Singers
Mr. Freddy R. Nuñez
Supervisor of ELL/Fine and Performing Arts
Tenafly Public Schools
High School - 201-816-6668
Middle School - 201-816-4928
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