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Number Talks

No description

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Number Talks

Number Talks
Why Number Talks
There is a need: Our ERB results indicate that we have a weakness in
Number Sense/ Operations of Whole Number & Quantitative Reasoning
It's best practice...
It's making thinking visible
It focuses on the C P & R of C P R (conceptual, procedural & representational)
It builds computational fluency (accuracy, efficiency, flexibility)
It reinforces conversation/ dialog/ community
It's fun!
When planning or implementing a Number Talk, consider the following:

Select a designated location that allows you to maintain close proximity to your students (mat).
Provide appropriate wait time.
Accept, respect and consider ALL answers.
Encourage student communication throughout the number talk. - Think- Pair-Share

When and How Long
Daily for 5 to 15 minutes- All Spanish, French, Dutch and SSL math classes will be expected to incorporate Number Talks by the end of this month.

As a rule you want to limit your Number Talks to 5 to 15 mins.

It's Time to Differentiate...
I Can See Clearly: I read some of the Number Talks Book, have been doing Number Talks,- Feel confident with them

A Little Foggy: Beginning to try Number Talks, want to learn more about them, need more confidence.

It's All Fogged Up: I need to learn a lot about Number Talks.

Most Important
"Give yourself the license to be a learner along with your students"
Dot cards, Ten Frames, Rekenreks,
hundreds chart, board & marker

white board/ chart paper and marker
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