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Compare and Contrast: Civil War to World War 2

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max allen

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast: Civil War to World War 2

Length of the war
The Civil War lasted exactly three years, eleven months and twenty-eight days. It was only three days away from lasting four whole years. For a country fighting against itself that it a pretty long time. It was the bloodiest war ever in U.S history. It is also one of the longest wars in U.S history.
Civil War
Soldiers in the Civil War used muskets, bayonets, knives, machine guns, grenades, handguns, land mines and cannons. Both sides used mostly the same type of gun and bullet. Neither the north or south had a preference in the type of gun they had. some of the most widely used guns were the Enfield and Springfeild musket. They were used by both sides along with bullets.
Civil War
Food for the soldiers was usually not a problem. There were rarely food shortages for either side in the war. Some different foods that both sides ate were; pork, beef, crackers, beans, peas, cornmeal, wheat, potatoes, dried apples, coffee and other shredded vegetables. Each soldier would get a ration per day
Civil War
Slavery was the main cause of the Civil War. The South believed that slavery was okay and the North believed that slavery was morally wrong. About half of the U.S was against slavery and the other for it so the Civil War started. This war changed America forever and it's laws.
Civil War
World War 2 lasted six years. It all started on September 1, 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. It didn't end until both Germany and the Japanese both surrendered to the Allies in 1945. This was also a very bloody war. Not only were one or two countries affected by this war but 104 countries had a part in WW2.
World War 2
Soldiers in WW2 had a larger variety of weapons such as; rifles, machine guns, sub-machine guns, tanks and self propelled artillery. There were many different kinds of different weapons inside these categories as well. The most common were the machine gun and pistol.
World War 2
In WW2 soldiers ate whatever they could get their hands on. A hot meal was very rare along with fresh food. Most kitchens relied on canned foods or non perishable foods. Here are some of the different kinds of foods they got; beans, flour, instant mash potatoes and hash browns, spam, macaroni in a can and powdered eggs. They were sometimes lucky to get frozen foods like french fries, vegetables and ground beef.
World War 2
World War 2 was started because of Adolf Hitler and his hatred toward anyone who didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes. Thousands of Jewish people were put into concentration camps only because Hitler had wanted to create a perfect race.
World War 2
Compare and Contrast: Civil War to World War 2
Both wars were started because of different ideas towards a certain type of person. Hitler hated jews and thousands of people in the south thought that african americans were not equal to them. Both Hitler and the south were defeated after a certain amount of time. Although thousands and thousands of people were killed in both wars, everything was put to an end.
In both wars each side tried to keep their soldiers alive. In the Civil War the kitchens tried a little harder than the ones in WW2. Most soldiers were kept healthy during both wars. Although not a lot of food was given out to men each day they could still fight.
A lot of the same weapons were used in both wars but they were more advanced in WW2. Many people died because of these deadly weapons and it only got worse over the course of a few years for both wars. The machine gun was probably the most used gun in the Civil War and World War 2
Both the Civil War and WW2 took a very long time. Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost in the U.S during both wars. Even though one war lasted longer than the other the amount of live lost is too much. I think the Civil war was worse because it was America fighting against America.
Civil War
World War 2
During the time period of the Civil War, trains were a huge part of the transportation in the U.S. The Union mostly used the railroads and they transported weapons, food and soldiers across the country to fight. Horses were also a good source but they weren't as reliable as trains. Railroads were definitely the main transportation source during the Civil War.
In World War 2 there was all different kinds of transportation like; planes, horses, trains, cars and boats. Most countries used planes and boats to get from country to country. Although a lot of horses were used to take people around during the war as well. Planes were also used for bombing. Cars included tanks too.
There isn't much of the same transportation for these two wars except for trains and horses. Horses and trains are probably the biggest comparison in transportation. Neither cars or planes were invented before the Civil War. Like I said before transportation isn't a good thing to compare between these two wars.
By Max Allen
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