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Origami Hedgehog Tutorial

No description

Ashlee Kang

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Origami Hedgehog Tutorial

Origami Hedgehog Tutorial
Valley Fold vs. Mountain Fold
Step 1: the Grid
Valley Fold
Mountain Fold
The paper I used is a 12 inch by 12 inch square, due to the complex design. Anyways, fold the paper horizontally and vertically. Fold each section in half. Repeat. Repeat again you have created a 16x16 grid.
The starting product
The paper...
Step 2: (idontknowwhattocallthis)
After that painstaking process, you now have a quick little break before the next painstaking process. Fold the outermost columns inwards (like in the picture).
The (hopefully) End Result
Now, collapse the corner squares diagonally so they are folded flat into triangles. Repeat until you have triangles on all four corners.
Afterwards, unfold
Finished! (Finally)
Fold on the fifth line...
Fold the third line up...
Repeat... Again
Step 3: creating the flaps
Mountain fold the crease below the larger triangle so that it overlaps the fifth crease. Repeat the same process for the sixth crease and so on until there are four flaps total.
Step 4: creating the spikes
After accordian folding the model vertically, find the leftmost valley fold in the second flap. Gently pry the fold up until it creases diagonally and becomes triangular. Repeat until there are 21 spikes.
First "spike"
...until you have this
Second Flap
Press flat
Step 5: head , tail, and legs
Remember those four small triangles on the corners? Collapse them. The four larger triangles should remain uncollapsed. It's a little bit more tricky to collapse them.
Triangles Collapsed
Step 6: Tail
Fold the tip of the tail up. Then, fold edges inwards to create a point.
Finished Tail
Collapse the first row
Collapse remaining creases
Halfway there...
Step 7: head
Yes, you're almost there. No, you're not impatient. You got all the way here. Anyways, slightly unfold the creases around the head. Lift up the top flap. It should look like this.
Step 9: Head Details
Unfold model. Now, slightly unfold the flap. Push down on it to shape the ears. Fold the edges of the head to round it out.
Finished ears and face
Step 8: Rounding out body
Accordian Fold model
Gently pry up points
Fold the edges in
Fold it down
Finished! ^ - ^
Narrow forelegs
Fold hindlegs forward
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