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Allied Motorsports

No description

Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 31 March 2017

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Transcript of Allied Motorsports

Promoting Your Services
Revving Up Your Marketing Plan!
How Allied Motorsports Can...
Sell Products and Services Today!
Build Store Traffic!
Increase Name Awareness!
Build Store Image
Start People Talking!
How did you get here?
What are you doing now?
Where are you going?
Why Advertise?
You Control Your Advertising
You have little or no control over what is being said about you on social media or in the marketplace, but you have total control over the image your advertising creates.
Competition is Increasing
Advertising can keep you top-of-mind with your prospects and ensures you don’t get forgotten amidst your competitor’s advertising.
Advertising is Cost Effective
If you could afford it, you would have a professional sales person tell your story to every prospect in your market. Advertising was invented as a more cost effective way of telling your story to hundreds or thousands of people you could not afford to reach in person with your sales force.
Advertising Reinforces Your Existing Customer Base
While your competitors repeatedly try to steal market share, advertising is a great reminder to maintain customer loyalty.
Why Radio?
Radio Is Intrusive
Radio can reach and influence consumers who may be predisposed to other businesses. Consumers who are loyal to competitors may not take time to read about you online or in print, but can be influenced as they go about their daily activities. The old expression “we have eye lids, but not ear lids” means we can skip over printed, or online messages, or other passive media messages but can absorb intrusive radio messages without consciously engaging.

Radio Can Tell Your Story
The internet has made it fast and easy to search for the facts details and prices about your offerings. But more often than not buyer decisions are made emotionally and only justified logically with research and facts after that emotional story has won their hearts. Radio’s human voice, story telling, and humour can inspire consumers to search for your facts and details online.
When your radio commercial airs, there are no pop-ups, news headlines, competitor’s ads, or other distractions to detract from your message.
Your Message Stands Alone
Radio Creates Pre-Need Preference
Busy consumers won’t take time to read ads or websites for products or services they are not in the market for. But intrusive radio influences them on the go, before they have a need, creating preferences for your business when they do have a need and begin their search.
Radio is Effective & Personal
Radio is accessible in the car, at home, at work, on your mobile phone/tablet, in stores, restaurants, and at the dentists office.
Your potential customers spend more time with Radio than any other type of local media.
92% of adults listen to radio an average of 20+ hours per week.
CFRY & Country 93 has a personal and local connection with our audience.
Market Research
Adult Population of Central Plains Area is approx 50,000
(includes ATV, construction, farm vehicles, snowmobiles, dune buggies and amphibious vehicles)
78,298 off-road vehicles registered in Manitoba in 2015
Census divisions CD08, CD09 & CD10
Statistics Canada Census Divisions 08, 09 & 10
Marketing Strategy
CFRY 920AM & Country 93can help you reach these customers!
Consistency + Frequency + Message = Marketshare
Increased Marketshare = Increased Profits For You.
Increase Top-of-Mind awareness for the "Right Now" customer.
Emphasize message of service, trust and value.
Be known as a "Go-to place for your recreational vehicle and tire needs".
Tell consumers why they should choose Allied Motorsports instead of the competition.

How to Advertise
1 of 2
10-Second Liners
What's Your Message
2 of 2
10-Second Liners
What's Your Message
What's Your Message?
1 of 2
30-Second Commercial
What's Your Message
2 of 2
30-Second Commercial
What's Your Message
Marketing Plan on CFRY 920AM
Marketing Plan on Country 93.1FM
A Sound Partnership!
6:30AM Weather
• Includes Intro & 10-second Liner
• Airing Monday – Saturday
Monthly Investment: $350.00
Annual Investment: $4,200.00

12 Week Seasonal Campaign (April – May / October – November)
• 120 – 30-second commercials @ $36.00 each
• Airing 2 times per day, Monday – Friday
Value: $4,320.00

Total CFRY Investment: $8,520.00
Total Investment based on 50% co-op approval: $4,260.00
8:30AM Sports
• Includes Intro & 10-second Liner
• Airing Monday – Friday
Monthly Investment: $350.00
Annual Investment: $4,200.00

12 Week Seasonal Campaign (April – May / October – November)
• 120 – 30-second commercials @ $39.00 each
• Airing 2 times per day, Monday – Friday
Value: $4,680.00

Total Country 93 Investment: $8,880.00
Total Investment based on 50% co-op approval: $4,440.00
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