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Vampires Presentation

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on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Vampires Presentation

The Reoccurring Image of Vampires as Both Creators and Creations Traced Through Decadent Themes in Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire Conclusion:
Why are the images of vampires as both creations/creators, art/artists, etc. important to the reading of the story? Creations can create/govern themselves

Question God's/Satan's existence

Question if morality is meaningless


Creations can create/govern themselves

Louis can define his own morality and damn himself Luxurious Self-Gratification
and Aestheticism Lestat, the "Dandy" Figure As a Dandy, Lestat is both the Artist and the Artwork. As a Self-Made Man, Lestat is Creator and Creation “self-created men of consciously designed personality” (wiki definition) A Dandy must have “no profession other than elegance...no other status, but that of cultivating the idea of beauty in their own persons... The dandy must aspire to be SUBLIME without interruption; he must live and sleep before a mirror”
(Charles Baudelaire) Lestat values luxury and aesthetics, and immerses himself in it as if he were turning his life into an artwork on display:

"He seemed to me to push luxury on his father to an almost ludicrous point. The old blind man must be told constantly how fine and expensive were his bed jackets and robes and what imported draperies had just been fixed to his bed and what French and Spanish wines we had in the cellar..."(36)

"[Lestat] wasn't opposed to anything which smacked of style and excess. He loved the great figure we cut, the three of us in our box at the new French Opera House" (99-100)

He is described like performance art by Louis: "Lestat was absolutely the most overwhelming experience I'd ever had" (25)

Akin to the part-planned, part-improvisational style of art Happenings, Lestat kills as a performance and for the experience itself, not merely for the results(sustenance):

"I was angry that Lestat had staged this show for me. waiting till I woke to kill the women...meantime, he propped their lovely corpses at the table and went about the room lighting all the candles until it blazed as if for a wedding" (80) Blind and bed-ridden human father and explicitly absent vampire creator adds to illusion that Lestat is self-made

"What I've learned, I've learned from listening to men talk, not from books. I never went to school long enough" (82)

"A great gulf existed between father and son, both in education and refinement, but how it came about, I could not quite guess" ( 37) Vampirism Perverts
the Family Structure Perverting Human Traditions ... Only she's also the puppeteer. Claudia, as both the Doll/Dollmaker

In one of her final acts as a puppeteer, Claudia controls Luis to sire Madeleine

"Turn around, I'll make you look at me with those eyes that want [Armand], I'll make you listen...Give her to me so she can care for me" (265)

The child is therefore the creator of her mother
Madeleine arguably becomes one of Claudia's dolls, making Claudia the dollmaker:

"Claudia was leading [Madeleine] from the chair, and she was now pliant and shocked and white-faced" (263) Claudia as the "Doll/Puppet" Figure "she sat so still the sight of her jarred me, made me put the book down, and just stare back at her across the lighted room; then she'd move, a doll coming to life" (100)

"'Doll, doll,' I called her. That's what she was. A magic doll...'Let me dress you, let me brush your hair'" (102) This makes the child the leader of her family

"I felt as if she were moving me slowly towards something, as if she were the pilot of our slow walk through the dark street" (122)
"She was urging [Lestat]now to leave the piano, bringing down the wooden cover again over the keys, turning him on the piano stool until his eyes followed her" (133)
"Claudia moved back against me, under the folds of my cape, a hand firmly clasping the cloth of my coat; and she seemed to propel me forward" (187) Vampirism Inverts Human
Nature Vampires are responsible for creating themselves
PHYSICALLY In nature, offspring come from the DNA, blood, and essence of the parents. For sired vampires, their own blood is fed back to them through the vampire equivalent of a britta-filter. They are essentially using parts of themselves(blood) to create themselves. The vampire is merely the vessel.

Side note: This also can be seen as an inversion of Christian religion- where woman is made from the bones of man Vampires MENTALLY/EMOTIONALLY
Create Themselves
as Louis confirms, it takes vampires varying amounts of time to mentally/emotionally transition from human to vampire:

"What died tonight in this room was not that woman. It will take her many nights to die, perhaps years. What has died in this room tonight is the last vestige in me that was human." (273)

Vampires are individually responsible for mentally and emotionally assuming the identity/mindset/morality of a vampire:

"Louis! You are still in love with your mortal nature! You chase after the phantoms of your former self...these are images for you of what you were and what you still long to be. And in your romance with mortal life, you're dead to your vampire nature!" (81) Future vampires are often given the power of choice: Madeleine:
"If you knew how I long to have your power; I'm ready for it, I hunger for it" (268)

The Boy:
"You talk about things that millions of us won't ever taste or come to understand...The power to see and feel and live forever! .... Give it to me!" Yes, the boy is a vampire candidate. Interview, not storytelling- gives the future vampire agency Vampirism as a Process of Self-Creation:
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