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Greenheart Guide

This presentation is given to new staff within the first few weeks at Greenheart. Their Greenheart guide will walk them through it in order to more fully acquaint them with the work of Greenheart International.

Katy Smithy

on 6 July 2018

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Transcript of Greenheart Guide

Greenheart International
Personally invests in providing cultural immersion programs that change lives, advance careers, and create leaders.
2018 Goal:
1,215 travelers abroad
9 located at 200 W. Superior St. & home offices in South America.
International Partners
English speaking high school students
Greenheart Travel
Promotes eco-friendly and fair trade goods made by local social enterprises and international artisans. Curates uncommon style for the common good.
Greenheart Shop
Wholesale Line: Sobremesa
Inspires mindful leadership through the exploration of personal growth and social action.

Note: Greenheart Tranforms this will be phased out of the organization by the end of 2018.
2018 Goal:
Host global events and expand the Global Purpose Movement
4 located at 712 N Wells St.
Resources & Trainings for Global Leaders
Greenheart Exchange: Professional Exchange Programs
Work and Travel Program (WT)
Teach USA
Greenheart Exchange:
High School Programs
High School Program
Visa Program
Short Term Programs (STP)
To empower members of the Greenheart community to be global leaders, take action, and share their stories.
2018 Goal:
programming streamlined across branches, to grow events, and to launch a new website.


full time and 1 part time located at 712 N Wells St.; Departments also spend a % of time implementing Greenheart Club into their programs.

Organizations/Projects Around the World
Greenheart Club Staff
Greenheart Exchange & Greenheart Travel Program Managers
Greenheart Exchange & Greenheart Travel Program Stakeholders
Greenheart Exchange: PEP
International Participants
Sending Agencies
Community Organizations
Our Mission:

Connecting people and planet to create global leaders.
Accomplished through:

Personal development, volunteer service, environmentalism, fair trade, and cultural exchange.
staff (including all branches)
Major Initiatives: Volunteerism, Greenheart Odyssey
Founded in 1985
Founder & President, Emanuel Kuntzelman
Co-Founder & CEO, Laura Rose
Chicago Locations
River North Campus: 742 N. LaSalle; 746 N. LaSalle; 200 W. Superior; & 712 N. Wells

Greenheart Shop: 1714 N. Wells; Distribution Center 2950 W. Chicago
Remote Staff & Field Network:
Home Offices Around the Country + China, Turkey, & Poland
Human Resources
IT & Systems
Development, Outreach,
Visibility and Engagement
2018 Goal:
Increase sales & fair trade awareness

6 located at 1714 N Wells St.
6 located at 2950 W Chicago Ave (The Distro)
2018 Goals: WT 6,553 & CAP 1,019 & Teach USA 20

WT Staff: 28 located at 746 N LaSalle St. & Wisconsin, Poland, & Turkey

CAP Staff: 8 located at 742 N LaSalle St.

Teach USA Staff: 2 located at 200 W. Superior.
HSP 2018 Goals:
J-1 1,000+; F-1 100; & STP 1,200

Field Network:
11 total full time Field Network positions: 3 Executive Regional Directors, 8 Regional Directors, & 17 part-time Regional Managers; and 300+ Independent Contractors throughout the US

J-1 Staff:
14 full time located at 712 N Wells St. & home offices nationwide

F-1 Staff:
4 located at 712 N Wells St., CA & China

STP Staff:
5 located at 712 N. Wells St.

HSP Field Network
Host Families & Schools
Greenheart International Staff
English speaking university students, recent graduates & adults
Fair Trade
Global Purpose Movement
Host Organizations
Greenheart Exchange:
High School Programs
International Participants
Sending Agencies
Events & Retreats
Digital Campaign
Greenheart Club
Creates global leaders by facilitating cultural exchange and service learning opportunities for international students and professionals coming to the United States.

2 Divisions:
1. Professional Exchange Programs (PEP)
2. High School Programs (HSP)
Career Advancement Program (CAP)
transitioning to pop up shops
instead of having a physical store
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