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Analysis of Painting, Tragic Prelude

No description

Kristy Duggan

on 27 February 2017

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Transcript of Analysis of Painting, Tragic Prelude

Online Lesson Plan

Analyzing Primary Source Documents
Analyze the painting, "Tragic Prelude" by John Steuart Curry
Quickly scan the photo. What do you notice first?
Resource for interpreting the painting
located in the Topeka Capitol building, Kansas
painter, John Steuart Curry
titled, "Tragic Prelude"
List and describe the people
List and describe the objects
List and describe the activities
Write one sentence summarizing the facts in this painting
Facts - Observations
Facts - Observations
Facts - Observations
Facts - Observations
Inferences - Understanding
What time in history do you think is portrayed?
Why was it painted?
What is the message the artist wants you to take away from the painting?
Inferences - Understanding
This was a controversial painting.

What do you think those that opposed it being placed in the Capitol said?

What would those in favor of it have said?

Does this painting portray John Brown as a hero or a terrorist?

Explain why, reference facts seen in the painting
Describe the expression on his face.

Describe his body's position.

How is he standing?

What is he doing with his hands?
Facts - Observations
Facts - Observations
Compare the groups of people on his left and right.
What are they wearing?
Describe their facial expressions.
Facts - Observations
Notice the people at the bottom of the painting and inside his legs.

Describe their body position and facial expressions.
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