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AFL Menu

No description

Tammy Goodwin

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of AFL Menu

Adult Fitness & Lifestyle Services
AFL Menu
New to Fitness
Group/Team Services
Adult Fitness & Lifestyle
Fitness Services Menu
Member Connect
Wellness Appointment
Fitness Challenges (2 per year; prime seasons)
Sampler Group Fitness Classes
Physical Literacy Assessments
Steps; Pedometer Program
Intro to "XYZ class"....workshop
Advanced Fitness Services
Fitness Special Event; Marathon of Activity (1-2 per year)
Join Team Y Ride for Crank-a-Thon and MS Bike Tours
3 on 3 Basketball Tournament (or other Sports; 1/year)
Yoga in the Park Event
Golf Weekend Warrior
Drop In Fitness Challenge; on land and in water (Advanced Bootcamps)
Personal Training
Personalized Testing; Fitness, Body Composition, Police/Fire Fitness Testing...
Fitness Trainer led Dry Land Training
Police/Fire Testing Training
Group Personal Training
Sport Specific Training
Outdoor Training Sessions
YMCA Hosted Sporting Events
Health & Wellness
Corporate Memberships and Wellness Programs
Alberta Health Services Partners; MEND, Weight-Wise
Bridge to Fitness
Fitness Programs
Something for Everyone
Drop In Fitness Programs
Registered Fitness Programs
Youth Access
Recreation Sports
AFL Facilitation of Strategic Plan
Increase Capacity
Increase Capacity
Increase Capacity
Extend our Reach
Extend our Reach
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