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Sodium (Na)

No description

Deanna Meyer

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Sodium (Na)

Sodium (Na) Origin Chemical Symbol Atomic Mass Atomic Number Valence Electrons Uses Position on Periodtic Table Commonly Found Properties That Make it Useable 5 Compounds Can Form Intresting Fact! Sodium has 13 isotopes, of which only one is stable. Na Medicine, argriculture, manufacture of organic compounds, etc. eleven common salt (man made).
soda ash (man made).
baking soda (man made).
caustic soda (man made).
sodium nitrate (man made and natural). Alaki Metals/Left side of chart (1st group, 3td period). 22.98977 amu one Can be man made and are important to make important every day products. Salt water, salty lakes,
mineral spring water,
and alkaline lakes. soda (Na2CO3)
discovere was Sir Humphery Davy in 1807
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