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Managing Your Online Image

NCSL Presentation

Goff Public

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of Managing Your Online Image

1. Develop your online goals

2. Conduct comprehensive
online audit
10. Remember, this is an opportunity
8. When in public, assume you are being recorded
5. Think before you act
6. Get active
7. Manage your time wisely
9. Keep your audience in mind
3. Measure goals vs. actual presence
Within your control
10 Ways to Manage Your Online Image
Elizabeth Emerson
Clarise Tushie-Lessard
Chris Duffy
Director of Government Relations
Director of Media Relations
Account Executive
August 21, 2014
Outside of your control
Campaign and official websites, social media accounts, e-mail blasts, advertisements, and self-authored blogs
External blogs, websites and advertisements; news stories; and social media accounts
Parker vs. Meyer for NY State Senate
An extreme example
author of
What does online image management mean?
Why is image management important?
10 ways to manage your online image
What does online image management mean?
Why is image management important?
10 ways to manage your online image
Online image management
Strive for consistency
Many platforms contribute to online image
Online persona should be in harmony with the real you
You can't control everything online
Focus on the things you
How Americans get their news
Everything is captured
The standards have dropped
Legislators and staff are under constant scrutiny
Embarrassment trumps substance
John McCain playing poker
during a public hearing
Everything online is permanent
Conduct comprehensive online audit
Where would you look?
News stories
Legislative materials
Campaign materials
A case study of vastly different online goals
4. Mitigate and rebuild
Mitigate and rebuild
Change what you can control
Develop key messages
Build relationships of trust with key reporters
Repair scorched bridges, if possible
Generate positive content
Develop monitoring protocol (Google Alerts, Talkwalker)
Think before you act
Nothing good happens after midnight
Do not engage when emotionally charged
Tequila and Twitter do not mix
Appoint someone you trust to monitor and manage
Set up safety nets
Always ask yourself: Does this advance my goals?
This became a national story within 30 minutes
Get active
Social media calendar
Search engine optimization
Build a following
Show your personality (carefully)
When in public, assume you are being recorded
Floor cameras
Manage your time wisely
Being an early adopter is unnecessary
Don't get caught in a social media "bubble"
Be mindful of your return on investment
Keep your audience in mind
Put a human face on your online constituent services
Your constituents are the top priority
Beware of the e-mail blast
Discuss social media standards
Copyright Goff Public, 2014
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