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No description

david ashley

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of STABAT MATER

Sam Hunt
What do you make of the title?
3. Why does it make you feel this way?
1. In your opinion, what's the poem about?
My mother called my father ‘Mr Hunt’
For the first few years of married life.
I learned this from a book she had inscribed:
‘To dear Mr Hunt, from his loving wife.’

She was embarrassed when I asked her why
But later on explained how hard it had been
To call him any other name at first, when he –
Her father’s elder – made her seem so small.

Now in a different way, still like a girl,
She calls my father every other sort of name;
And guiding him as he roams old age
Sometimes turns to me as if it were a game …

That once I stand up straight, I too must learn
To walk away and know there’s no return.

1. What is the poem about?
2. What does it make
YOU feel?
3. Why does it make
you feel this way?
4. Is what you feel caused
by the poet or by your own
I think it's about ...
the relationship between the poet, his mother and his father.
2. What does it make you feel?
It makes me feel...
a bit wistful, sad and serious about the passing of time.
I think one of the reasons the poem makes me feel like this is ...
because it shows how the mother has married an older man and loves him but as he ages she becomes like a mother and carer to him.
Can you speculate what the title might mean?
It's actually the name of a much
older poem in another language.
Lets have a look...
So consider why Sam Hunt named his poem after this other very old poem.
1. Finally consider the structure of the poem.

2. What stands out with regards to the physical structure?
3. Why does a poet choose particular structures and formula to hold to in the writing of their poems?

4. What else stands out for you when you consider the diction the poet uses?
5. Can you explain how these factors may tie in to the poet's overall theme and ideas?
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