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APUSH Pop Culture Project

The Bond Girls

Susmitha Kowligy

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of APUSH Pop Culture Project

The Bond Girls 1960s Definition:
Co-stars Thesis:
The Bond movies reflect trends in women’s rights movement almost a decade late.The depiction of women in the movies transformed as the womens rights movement advanced.The Bond Girls progressed from secondary sex object characters in the 1960s to intelligent, independent equals of men. 1970-80s 1990s Sean Connery Dr. No (1962) Suspect: Honey Rider sexual target
"Bikini Scene" Occupation: Beachcomber Helpless! Bond Saves the Day Rescue Occupation: pilot Suspect: Pussy Galore Goldfinger (1964) "turn off the charm, I'm immune"
defeats Bond in Judo
becomes Damsel in Distress Recipes for Women in the 1950s helpless! Bond has "true masculinity" Bond saves the Day...again GOLDFINGER
(EVIL) The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) Suspect: Major Anya Amasova Occupation: Soviet Agent Assassinate! non exploitative
female power
earns Bond's respect But for the Grand Finale... Anya "Hero" Job Roles Changed 007 reinvented SEXISM BIG IDEA 1970-80s Still romantic love interest bigger role Sex Revolution Job elevated Respect/partners Higher ed. feminist awareness Timothy Dalton Pierce Brosnan Occuation:Computer Programmer Suspect: Natalya Simonova Goldeneye (1995) solo infiltration Suspect: Wei Lin Occupation:Chinese Agent Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) collaboration Respected "Don't get any ideas, Mr. Bond" Capture! Big Idea 1990s Main roles
independent Bond still gets the girl
physical perfection Some Things Never Change... Finale... One.

Two. Three. To Do: Leave It To Beaver! Popular by: defined femininity objectification submissive inferior forced to accept inferiority male dominated society Strides Forward: Women in the 1960s 1960 negative aspects side effects Women can make choices,but the choices are complex. 1961 Presidential Commision on the Status of Women calls to attention a long list of women's problems 1963 Equal Pay Act of 1963 1963 Happy Housewife = anxiety and dissatisfation 1964 prohibits sex discrimination and sexual harrasment in employment pressure government and lobby changes to secure equal rights for women. 1966 The First Women's Studies Program is established by San Diego State College. 1970 1971 1972 1972 1976 1973 First feminist mass market magazine Congress passes the ERA but the states do not. The ERA is still not an amendment. The first rape crisis centers open. Abortion is legalized Women are admitted to the US Military Women in the 1970s The 1980s were basically when all that protesting became legislation, women were finally coming into the work force, in all fields. 1983 1985 1986 1988 Sally Ride becomes the first female astronaut in space EMILY's List is founded to help fund Women's political campaigns The Supreme Court rules against sexual harassment in 1976, 90% of women reported sexual harrasment on the job. The Supreme Court prohibits discrimination against women in private social clubs. Bond Movies originate from: The Bond Movies: A series of movies made from 1960-present
Based on the novels of Ian Fleming
Revolve around a British spy named James Bond and his various adventures
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