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Letters From Rifka - Personality traits.

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Becca S.

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Letters From Rifka - Personality traits.

Social and Emotional Language By Rebecca Schaefer Valued Personality Traits and Attributes 2. Caring 3. Intelligent Rifka is Courageous Rifka is Clever Rifka is Courageous, Clever, and Brave. Strategies I would use to survive if I were placed in her situation: 1. Nonjudgmental - It is very important to me that people don't judge people by how they look - because it is what's inside that counts. In my opinion, for somebody to be
a good person, they have to care about
other people. Just letting somebody
"cry it out" is NOT enough. Caring and being nonjudgmental is important, but being clever can also be important. You need to be smart to make it through life, but the only way to do that is by working hard. "So when I grew strong enough, I started walking around Motziv. I found my way to the low, sprawling hospital where they were keeping Mama. I discovered a wooden ledge outside the window of Mama's ward and climbed on it to look in on her."
- Rifka

This quote shows that Rifka is brave, because she is willing to climb on aledge out side of a window, just to see her mother. "I remember Mama crying. I tried to speak, to say I would not die, that nothing would hold me back from America, but she could not hear me. No one could hear me."

This quote shows that Rifka is courageous, because even though she has been told she will die, she is not afraid for her mother's sake and for her own. "I was afraid to tell her the truth, Tovah. To tell her I wanted only to find a quiet corner, where I could open our Pushkin. She did not like your teaching me Pushkin in Berdichev."

This quote shows that Rifka is clever because despite her mother wanting her to only know how to sew and cook and do other housewife things, she kept reading books to grow smarter than people who gave into the stupid stereotype. Strategies Rifka used when she was alone physically and emotionally. She was always calm - Rifka always kept her cool, even in tough situations.
She learned all of the languages in places that she traveled to.
She never forgot her family or heritage - for example, she had a Mitzvah.
She took what she could get. When it came to food and clothing, she took what she could get. Beggers can't be choosers. Much like Rifka, I would remember my family. I would pretend that they were all there, comforting me.
Keep myself well fed and hydrated. There is no hope of finding home if I pass out all the time.
Find a place or make a place to stay. It is very dangerous to be out in rain without protection. A possible reason for being in need of skills: My family has traveled to England
where I have gotten lost. I am forced to live on the streets until the search party finds me 182 days later. In that time I live off of food kind vendors give me, and wear lost pants, skirts, and jackets that people have lost or left behind. I find a children's playhouse left out for someone to take for free and live in that with old cloth window shades and a yoga mat bed.
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