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Teenage target market

No description

Emily Wamboldt

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Teenage target market

Teenage Target Market
Thank you for watching :)
Axe for men and women
Women's Axe
Men's Axe
Age: Teenagers 12- 18 years (Generation Y)

Gender: Male & Female

Income: Low-Medium

Education: High school & Post Secondary

Marital Status: Single or In a Relationship

Ethnic: All
Lifestyle: Youthful, Active, Trendy

Social class: Lower-Middle

Activities and interests: Sporty, outgoing

In these ads you see people that look like they are mid to late teens.

In the first commercial it looks like it takes place on a school campus.

In the second they look to be in post secondary education.

Urban and Suburban
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