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Who Am I?

An Intro to Psychology presentation

Ryan Gingery

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Who Am I?

Who Am I?

An Intro to Psychology Presentation

By Ryan Gingery

Where I've been I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I'm an only child in my family.
I'm also left handed. I've traveled to 43 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. Last summer I spent three months working in Yellowstone National Park.
I hiked 20 miles in one day and it was a great intercultural experience!
I'm currently a junior at Spring Arbor University. I'm majoring in Sociology and minoring in Communication studies. Interests Music! Movies Video Games Hiking Hanging out with friends God Psychology Perspectives I'm a very eccentric and analytical person.

From the Humanist Perspective... According to the Myers-Briggs preference inventory I am an INFJ personality type. Among the world's population INFJs are one of the rarest types. In addition, male INFJs are extremely rare.

From the Trait perspective... Furthermore, I do what I can to maintain unconditional positive regard towards others.

Thus, I have grown up to be a genuine person, and I am typically aware of my own feelings and I am able to guage the feelings of other people as well. Most importantly, I am able to show and give the gift of God's grace and restoration to everyone.

This all combines into a genuine, accepting, empathetic positive self-concept which is crucial for counseling and other social service settings, as well as relating to people in life. The world is seen through my own eyes and personal experiences.

I am able to focus more on the problems of others because I know and like who I am. Thus, I have a higher level of self-actualization.

Like in Abraham Mazlow and Carl Rogers' research on college students, I am concerned about our world and its brokenness. This means that I prefer to be intorverted because that is what energizes me, even though I still love to be around people.

I use intuition to interpret my world through experiences and critical thinking. I also tend to be quite optomistic because of this.
I relate to situations through feeling, which means that I place myself into a situation.

I use judging to make decisions based upon my intuition interpretations.
Cultural Conclusions I am a son of God, and He has given me a unique personality for me to cultivate. Christianity is more than just a faith, it is also a worldview. It is the only objective worldview that through creation, the fall, and restoration is still realistic and relevant today. So not only can I believe it in my head but also in my heart. I genuinely care about all people and treating them humanely, just as I was treated many years ago. If we truely love God then we will love what God loves, which is all people.
I want to be able to cultivate the purpose God gave me and use my personality to positively impact our culture for God's Kingdom. Anyone have questions? My cousins
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