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BR upper Unit 8 preview

No description

Go English Live

on 14 August 2017

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Transcript of BR upper Unit 8 preview

BR Upper Unit 8
What do you know about outsourcing?
Do you know how to present factual information?
Do you know how to apologize?
Do you know how to use the passive voice.?
Learning Outcomes
You have to choose.
The father of outsourcing
"A company should only be engaged with the front room activities that are the core to supporting its business"
Let's do a SWOT analysis.
How much money is spent on offshore locations.
Has your country experienced export growth?
How many people do you think the sector employees?
Do you have access to skilled workers?
Is indirect employment common in your country?
A connected world with BPO
(business process outsourcing)
Back office outsourcing
Front office outsourcing
data entry, data management,surveys, payment processing
They deal with customer interaction
Customer service/support
Technical support/help desk

Appointment scheduling
Inbound/outbound sales
Market research
Vocab check
off shore locations
export growth
skilled workers
indirect employment
core activities
Let's take a look on some ideas to outsource
We want to
The first year of outsourcing will
to a 20% increase in net earnings.
to take cost cutting measures immediately.
This is a great expression that means you start identifying parts of the process that we can optimize or cut.
The key to a great presentation is using great expressions to make your presentation flow better.
Factual info
Statistics show
that the overhead is too high.
Resent data illustrates
that our labor force is multilingual.
Research indicates
that shareholder value will double in 10 months.
Business vocab
Labor force
You need to understand them before continuing
Strong work ethic
Skilled workers
Emerging markets
Salary vs. Wages
Information technology
Explaining cause and effect
Due to
the recent shortage the prices have gone up.
As a result of
outsourcing we have reduced the monthly salaries.
A knock on effect of this
will be that stock prices will rise.
You will notice on this chart
that salary is our highest overhead.
Company overhead
Looking at this slide, we can see
that maintenance is not that relevant.
Have a look at these figures
, the cost of accounting should not be that high.
Transitioning from one point to another
Let's turn our attention to
the next point on the list.
I've briefly taken a look at
so let's move on to
A further point to mention
is the possible increase in IT investment.
Referring backwards
Ending strong
Shareholder value
which relates back to
reducing costs
As I mentioned earlier
we must hire multilingual staff.
Reducing overhead is the key
as I mentioned earlier.
Before I go today, I would like to leave you with some food for thought. I have seen a lot of good things...
The message I would like to send you away with today is that...
Learning how to apologize.
It's common to give extra information
It's common to make an extra comment to help the person apologizing to feel better.
Sorry about that..
I'm sorry for..
I'm sorry that..
I apologize for
It was my fault
Key expressions
Cultural note
I am busy
Something came up
These are common reasons.
Is probably the best answer
Remember in social and business situations when you are apologizing for canceling a meeting it's common to reschedule on the spot and for there to be some thing extra that you can offer for the inconvenience.
Passive voice
Verbs can either be active or passive
To make the passive we use the verb
in its appropriate tense and add the
We did the job
The job was done.
We must do the job
The job must be done.
In passive the object is more important
The End
Professional Outsourcing Service
legal, accounting, information technology, purchasing, as well as other specialized services.
Manufacturing Outsourcing Services
It is often industry-specific in its nature
For car manufacturing
Process Specific Service
Specific to an internal procedure or unique process.
For service organizations
Operational Outsourcing Service
manufacturing industry.
equipment repairs and machine maintenance
I am sorry for arriving late .
I will pay for dinner and the movie next Friday.
It's OK, it happens to everyone
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